Advantages and disadvantages of OneDrive Storage!

Advantages and disadvantages of OneDrive Storage

OneDrive is a popular way to store data online just like Google Drive. It was developed and is currently managed as a cloud storage service by Microsoft. Being an online storage, it allows users to store and share various types of files such as videos, docs, images, and more. Users can collaborate on documents in … Read more

How To Store More Photos & Videos on Google Photos without premium plan

Store Unlimited photos and videos on Google photos

Most probably all of us back up our photos and videos in Google Photos. This multimedia includes both personal and professional ones. But, the free storage offered by Google Servers via Google Drive is only 15 GB and most of us have a lot of photos and videos to backup and also recently the ‘High … Read more

How to Download and save Picutres of a Google Docs document

Save Google Doc text images

Google Docs is one of the most popular tools for most professionals and students out there. It has cemented its position so that most of the freelancers and content writers completely rely on it too. But, one of the most difficult tasks that quite many people face is, ‘how to download and save pictures for … Read more

Google is taking over Neverware’s CloudReady OS

Google is taking over Neverwares CloudReady OS

Google’s Chrome OS operating system is popular because of its cloud model and lightweight which makes it a life of Chromebook. That’s why it now started competing with some mainstream OS such as Windows and macOS. Moreover, the integration of Linux on ChromeOS, gave it an extra hand to compete profoundly. Another reason why Chromebooks … Read more

Google Colaboratory, Python in Cloud: Quick Review

Google colab review

Many Python developers find it very difficult to carry out Machine Learning and Deep Learning stuffs in their laptops and computers because of the GPU requirements that are highly needed for a Deep Learning code to run smoothly and time efficiently. Due to this many Pythonists purchase new laptops and computers by spending huge money … Read more

Google Photos: How to upload all your photos and videos for free

Upload all your photos and videos to Google Photos for free unlimited

Those days are not too old when we had to capture photos with a lot of caution so that we don’t run out of films before we complete a trip. Capturing videos required a Handycam, and then we got digital cameras, aka. Digicams. But as time went on, digital cameras are not that popular, yet, … Read more

How to download Google Docs files in PDF, DOCX, or common formats

Select the Google Docs file formats to download

It is really convenient to write documents on Google Docs, as you can pick your pending work at any point in time, no matter where you are, or which device you are using. All your files will be on Google Drive, and unless somebody else has your Google account password, the documents are secure. But, … Read more

Top 10 Google Assistant tricks that are worth trying out to streamline your work and personal life

Top 10 Google Assistant tricks that are worth trying out

We all are quite familiar with virtual digital assistants by Google, Siri by Apple, Cortana by Microsoft, etc. From asking silly questions to setting reminders and see weather or traffic, the digital assistants can cater to a lot of things that we need, replacing the usual way of carrying out the manual efforts to get … Read more

11 Best free Action Games on Google Play Store for Android

See 2019 best action games before 2020-min

There is a wide category of games in the Google Play Store, action games being one of them. Now, action games are no doubt one of the most popular and favourite categories of many gamers across the globe. Still, there is a huge number of action games and this number is only increasing every month … Read more

Top apps in the Google Play Store to promote your business

Google My Business – Connect with your Customers

No doubt many of us dream of starting our own business and then working very hard day and night to expand it further and further. Well, this process requires extreme hard-work, but believe me that hard work is alone not enough for you to achieve your desired goals, maybe you can somehow manage to build … Read more

How to access Amazon drive on your computer using a web browser

Accessing Amazon Drive on PC 30

Here is the easiest way to use Amazon Drive on PC, Smartphone or Tablet using a web browser, so that you can upload files, pictures or documents on the go. In the crowd of multiple cloud storage solutions, Amazon drive is one of the best cloud storage services, which most people do not know about. … Read more

How to save a webpage as PDF on an Android device using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Saving webpage as PDF 30 40 (Small)

With affordable internet nowadays we all love watching videos, or read our favourite articles when we are feeling bored, or at the time of commuting. But sometimes while reading articles, we often come across some useful ones, which we need to save as PDF so that we can read it, later on, print them out … Read more

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps got new look

A new look for the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps

Well, where at one side Google keeps working on its new version of Android and rolling out of dark mode in supported apps amid them it has recently announced on its blog the improved interface of Google office apps that are Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Google has refined its office apps’ interface and now … Read more