Top apps in the Google Play Store to promote your business

No doubt many of us dream of starting our own business and then working very hard day and night to expand it further and further. Well, this process requires extreme hard-work, but believe me that hard work is alone not enough for you to achieve your desired goals, maybe you can somehow manage to build your own business but still, you might not be able to achieve your skyrocketing dreams. For achieving that, one of the major key requirements is a proper and planned strategy. And nowadays that strategy is somewhat all about promoting your business startup so that everyone gets to know about it. This, in turn, makes you and your firm popular and also start generating revenues for you very soon, yes no doubt that your product or service, etc is as per customer satisfaction. 

Below are the best apps where you can promote your business:

Now, to make this strategy of yours easier, I have included the best available apps in our jungle, I mean our Google Play store where you can easily promote your business and get in touch with millions of people. Therefore, without any delay or debate let me start.

Google My Business – Connect with your Customers

The very first app on the list is from none other than our favourite Google. The roughly 11 MB sized app from the one who needs no introduction is indeed a killer one and you can rely on it any time. You are only going to get more and more advantages after you install it. No need to pay any money, yes it has no in-app purchases, everything is free and you get to promote your business in the biggest platform for no cost, what else do you need? Create a decent profile of your business, pointing out all the services that you offer, how they are better than others, how can customers benefit from it, the cost, etc. One can also reply to the comments and queries of all the customers and those who show interest in your service or product.

Google My Business – Connect with your Customers

Overall I don’t think that you can expect any more. If you happen to be thinking of starting your own business and need a platform to promote it then what are you waiting for? Just download this wonderful app and who knows one day you might end up being the boss of a giant firm even bigger than Google.

Download from the Google play store.

Ad Maker – Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing

Photo Studio and Picture Editor Lab have come up with this small 10 MB sized app, but don’t go with its size. It is one of the best platforms where you can create ads for your business and modify it according to your choice before finally posting it in various social media platforms. We all know that an add plays a very vital role in promoting a business, it is a kind of a first impression that represents your entire business and at the same time attracts customers. we all know that social media is one of the best platforms where you can share your products or services with the millions of people across the globe.

This app has over a thousand templates, stickers, fonts and text arts, background images, etc. All these will ensure that your business shines and always rises upwards. The in-app purchases range from 410 to 2500 rupees and you can avail them to get proper guidance regarding sales promotion and business expansion this and ideas. Therefore, it is a very amazing app and you must have it for making your business popular.

Ad Maker – Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing

Get it from Google play store

Business Plan & Start Startup

This tiny 2 MB sized app from Alex Genadinik might make you feel that what is a satellite doing in an arena where planets are colliding with each other. Well, if you feel so, then this satellite is comparable to Ganymede. This is because it helps you to create your own business plan, it gives you various ideas and tips along with some strategies which can help you to shape your business. You also get tutorials on all the business plans you like, you get step by step guide right from planning your business to ultimately launching it. Furthermore, you can even get help from the experienced community of this app to plan your business by making the in-app purchase ranging from 54 to 3232 rupees.

You also get motivational videos, quotes, etc so that you never give up just like John Cena, in short, you can consider that this app is just like a proper mentor, guide, or friend of your to guide you regarding the most important decisions of your life. Well, it is not yet over, you also have the option to ask questions and any queries you which you might have in your mind and all of them will be answered in a very short span of time.

Download for Android

Small Business Ideas

Dub Apps, the makers of this 12 MB sized app have come up with something really praiseworthy. In this app, you will get ideas about starting a small business. Small business of today can tomorrow turn into Amazon or Microsoft or Google or Apple, as no one can predict and in today’s world anything is possible once you are ready to work very hard with all mind and heart, and do remember this always that all of the biggest global enigmas in the field of business come from a very humble background so never regard anything small or big just work with your proper dedication and this is all about this. Get this app.


You get proper ideas and explanation of entrepreneurship, various business ideas, profitable business startups, risk management, and so on. You can get all this guidance and tips and that also without even paying a single penny, isn’t that a good idea? Yes, it is. So, there shouldn’t be any obstacles stopping your cerebrum to download this app.

These were the 4 apps which are currently the best one on the Google Play store where you can easily promote your startups or business and make a name for yourself. I hope might have found this article useful and if you happen to be one dreaming of one day becoming a big businessman having your photograph on the cover page of Forbes, and are also ready to put extreme efforts for your dream, then maybe your dream might become a reality.

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