Single command to install VMware Workstation on Windows 11

command install vmware workstation windows 11

VMware Workstation is a commercial platform to install and run various operating systems in a virtual environment. So, to install Vmware on Windows 11 using the command line either PowerShell or CMD, here is the tutorial. Running multiple operating systems on a single hardware, we need to perform multiple boots which is not feasible to … Read more

How to install PHP on Windows 10 | 11 using Command prompt

PHP windows install and Info check version

We can download and install PHP using the executable file on Windows from its official website, however, no need to do that when we can use the command prompt or Powershell. PHP is not some new or unknown scripting language, it has been around and used by thousands of web developers across the globe. It … Read more

A Single Command to install Google Chrome on Windows 11 or 10

Command to install Google Chrome on Windows 11 or 10

Skip the traditional method of installing Chrome; use a command to quickly install the Google Chrome browser on Windows 11 and windows 10. In 2008, Google released the browser, thanks to its fast speed, it became the most popular browser after only four years. Today, it still holds the top spot. In the Google Chrome browser, … Read more

Command to Install BalenaEtcher on Windows 11

Install BalenaEthcer bootable on Windows 11

Here we learn the command line method to install BalenaEtcher on Windows 11 to create bootable USB drives for Linux ISO files.  BalenaEtcher is an open-source software to create bootable USB drives on Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, if you are a Windows user then it is recommended to use Rufus, instead BalenaEtcher. It is also … Read more

Command to download and install Slack on Windows 11 or 10

Command line to install Slack on Widnowsn 11 or 10

Slack is a group collaboration tool designed for teams that work in different locations, although each company can benefit from its service. At its core, Slack is instant messaging software. In addition to direct messaging, Slack enables communication “channels” that can be organized by project, customer, team, or any other way your company deems appropriate … Read more

Install Top 10 essential software on Windows 11 using command prompt

Install top software in Windows 11 using winget command package manager 1

Windows 11 is the latest Microsoft operating system and successor of Windows 10. So, if you have just installed it on your Virtual Machine or PC, then here is the way to quickly install the top most-used apps on Windows 11 using the Command line tool and package manager called “Winget“. Installing software after a … Read more

How to install XAMPP on Windows 10 using Command prompt

Install XAMPP using Winget on Windows 10

We don’t need to go through the browser and websites to install XAMPP on Windows 10. Just use the Windows package manager called Winget. It already comes by default in the latest Win 10 latest version and with its one command, we can install the XAMPP apache server on the system. Let’s see how to … Read more

Install Apache Tomcat on Windows 10 using Command prompt

Apache Tomcat installation on Windows using Choco command

Apache Tomcat is a popular free and open-source web container and webserver to serve Java-based web apps or pages. Although it doesn’t have all functions of the Apache HTTP server but useful for Java web developers.  It is available to install on Windows, macOS, and Linux because its requirement is the JDK platform that is … Read more

Vboxmanage command not found in Windows CMD or PowerShell

Run vboxmanage virtualbox using Powershell command

Do you want to run VirtualBox on Windows 10 or 7 using the command line? But getting error – Vboxmanage command not found or vboxmanage.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command. Then here is the solution, which is, add the VirtualBox folder to your Windows user/system environment PATH. We can use the … Read more

8 Best ways to start Command Prompt in Windows 10

Shortcuts to open the Windows 10 or 7 command prompt

If you want to know how to open and use the command prompt app in Windows 10,  7, or 8 but using different ways including keyboard shortcuts then go through the methods given in this article… In Windows 10, 7, or other previous versions, most of us use the mouse & GUI interface to navigate … Read more