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There is hardly any people you can find, who are not fond of social networks. No, I am not saying about those, who spend all their day on Facebook and WhatsApp. But opening the social networks after a tiring day to see your friends and family liking your holiday pics and pet photos is something which is quite refreshing. Now that being said, you can find video social networking apps, which are turning out to be popular. This trend dates back to the time when Instagram was introduced as a photo and video only social networking platform. One of the new and growing video-based social networking app is ‘LIKE’. I am using it for almost one month now.

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I am not a hardcore user of such kind of video-based social networks but know the things which can make it better than others. LIKE though is a new video-based social network, it used by some popular Bollywood celebrities today. The app claims, it will make you a virtual magician with some cool effects, which you can get from within the app. That is kind of true. There are numerous things, which I liked about LIKE, and there are chances of improvements in other areas, as well. So I am writing a short review of it here.

LIKE app review

Like App Features:

Let’s start with the features of the app.

  • Upload photos with default beautification mode.
  • Ability to follow other users on LIKE.
  • Dedicated tabs are there for ‘Follow’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Nearby’.
  • Dialogue shoot, music, and different features available for different shooting requirements.

Video special effect app

  • Ability to earn money on Google Wallet, depending upon your popularity and views of your video.
  • Signing up for LIKE is supported with Facebook, Google, Instagram, VK, WeChat, QQ, Weibo or simply with your phone number.

So those were the notable features of LIKE.

How to use Like App?

Just head to the Google Play Store.

Search for LIKE app. Download the one, which comes from BIGO Technology PTE. LTD. Like app free download for Android use this link...

 Like app free download for Android

Open the app, and signup with Facebook, Instagram or any other popular social network account you have access to. Now just start creating videos using Like APP. On this subject, we will also create a detailed article later through which you can understand its each feature and a way to use them.

Like App Pros:

Let’s now have a look at the pros of LIKE.

  • Easy to access the camera with just a tap within the LIKE app.
  • Video loading is pretty fast, even on slow networks.
  • The library of magical effects is really big, and there are fewer chances, you won’t find a particular effect within the library.

library of magical effects

  • Easy to switch to the next or previous video with the swipe down and swipe up gestures respectively. You can even find other videos from the same user by swiping to right.
  • Users can go Live on the LIKE app, and the live video hardly lags on a decent internet connection. It is possible to send likes and comments, just as Instagram live.
  • You can even perform duet performance with other users for a particular video. That is pretty cool. But the final video will be posted on your account only.
  • You can share the videos you like on LIKE to any other third party social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and other places depending upon the apps installed on your device.
  • It is easy to upload videos from those present on your smartphone. You can even shoot videos with some music already present within the LIKE library.

So those were the notable pros of LIKE.

Like App Cons:

Let’s have a look at the cons of LIKE, or the places it needs some improvements. Just like other apps and services, LIKE also has some cons. Let’s find them out.

  • There is no option to search for videos posted by other users on LIKE. That is something I expected from within the app.
  • Only one sticker or sticker effect can be applied to the video at a time. I wish there was provision for adding more sticker effects at the same time.
  • The size of the app is a little big, I would say. It is almost 120 MB on my device. Most devices with a smaller storage will struggle to keep this app after caching the videos to the internal storage.
  • I didn’t find any option to tag friends and users to a particular video. That is both good and bad at the same time. But I wish the option was available.
  • The duet functionality is good. But I wish there were options to make the duet functionality more interactive.
  • There are some obnoxious videos on the platform. I wish LIKE use AI or some moderation techniques to keep away such contents away from the platform and keep it clean and family-viewable. If not that, I wish such contents do not appear just after opening the LIKE app.

So, those were the cons. I wish such things are improved in the coming versions of LIKE.

My verdict

LIKE is only one year old or so. Presently LIKE hasn’t got a lot of exposure if compared to its competitors like Vigo Video or There is a large user base of LIKE, and there is no doubt about it. But due to some stupid contents by some users, LIKE is unable to make any major difference from the mentioned video-based social networks. Just look at Instagram! How popular it is! The only way to make LIKE app reach more users is to offer richer content with good quality, which will be liked by most users. Else none of the cons of the LIKE app is a deal-breaker if you want to have some fun watching those crazy videos or want to create your own content to get some instant hype.

That was the short review on the LIKE app, which will make you an instant magician. Do you like the app? Which other video-based social network do you like? Let me know about it in the comment section down below.

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