How to do Live Streaming? Tools you need and how to Earn Money from your Live Streaming?

The article is all about: How to do Live Streaming? What tools are needed? How to Earn Money from your Live Streaming?

Streaming on digital channel becoming popular day by day. If you want to show off your gaming skills to the world while you are playing; streaming is the way to do it. If you want to share your grooming tips and techniques with others do it with the help of streaming. You are on a holiday somewhere beautiful and wants to share your feelings and thrills with your friend or with the whole world streaming is the solution. To do it you just need a camera, a good quality internet connection and a couple of tools; that’s it. There are many people with many skills around the world with different reasons and with different motivations, but all wanting to show off their skills to the world, to prove himself as well as to be recognized and to become famous. If you have not ever thought about beings famous than you must one of a kind, but most people are motivated by the thought being famous. Especially video-gamers are one of those people who does not get the recognition and attention so easily. In most of the countries around the world being a gamer is just a pass time, as even with insane skills it offers no career path. Of course, there are few countries and few private companies are working on this situation to help the gamers set up a gaming industry where new career and a new perspective towards gaming can be found. But till then the gamers have to just compete in competitions for fame and have to stream their games for money. In the present day, this streaming thing has opened a new window for the gamers which is being hugely accepted by most of the gamers around the world. If you are also motivated by your favorite streamer and you also think that you have that potential to be on the trending list, then you also should definitely give this a try.

How to do Live Streaming Tools you need and how to Earn Money from your Live Streaming.

Before streaming any content online you must have some channel

“Now, what is a channel?” – It is nothing but a user account of some streaming service providers’ website. There are a couple of websites those excel at their services and functions while it comes to live streaming. Though most of the video sharing websites are on a verge to create and provide live streaming facility to their users, some of them are really very famous and been widely accepted.

If you are motivated to do streaming as a full time or part time career you must opt for a renowned website which one has a huge viewer base. The websites like YouTube, Twitch Tv, Facebook Live are the most popular in this case.

In this discussion we are going to talk about streaming on YouTube in general, we will also provide some information about the other popular streaming websites in this article, but if you want to know more about the other popular streaming services like Twitch Tv, Facebook Live, YouNow, Livestream, UStream etc., go and read our other articles on those.

Why we are choosing YouTube in general?

Why choose YouTube?

This article is neither biased nor promoting YouTube in any manner. We are talking about YouTube in general as it has the highest viewership around the whole world. It is the world’s largest video streaming website. This website has the highest number of live stream viewers online, which makes you be a part of biggest coming up market even if you are taking your first step in live streaming, no matter what type of content you want to share.

  • Except for being most popular, YouTube is free of cost. Though there are couples of premium quality paid options are available which can be explored later. In starting you do not need to spend a single buck to kick-start your streaming career.
  • YouTube has a local server in most of the regions around the world, so server breakdown or laggy connection is not going to be an issue with it.
  • YouTube is really very easy to use and very easy to get on with it.
  • Monetizing your content with YouTube is very simple and transparent also.
  • Chances of product promotions and no of advertisements are much higher with YouTube as compared to any other contemporary, which boosts the chance of earning.

How to start Live Streaming with YouTube?

Here we are going to take you to step by step, you can read this article in whole first then can try doing the steps as we describe, or can even start now by keeping this article opened side by side which will help you more while going through the steps.

  • First, you need to open an account with YouTube, it is very easy, just go YouTube > go to Sign in > go to Create Account > go through the procedure > create your own.
  • Now login into your account with your Gmail id and password > Customize more details by clicking on your account pic on top-right corner > by clicking on your profile pic you will also find an option called My Channel, from there you can access all your channel related options like Videos, playlists, yours about details, Channel customization option etc.
  • You can also use YouTube Studio Beta version for free, where functions like Dashboard, Analytics, Video Management, Live Streaming management, Community, Comments’ Management and Channel options. are provided for free. You can even take the paid membership for the full access and facilities of YouTube Studio.
  • You can find the upload button on the function tab beside your pic, using which you can upload any non-live videos also.
  • From the function tab, you will also find the links to the user-specific corners like YouTube TV, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music, YouTube for Artists
  • Navigate to the settings option and click on it > Go to the View additional features > here you will find all other important options which you can change, like Monetization, Super Chat facility etc.
  • Though most of the options will be enabled by default, the Super Chat facility will be available after you cross at least 1000 subscribers, and the monetization can be used after you go through their all procedures and fulfill their terms.
  • The monetization process enabling includes steps like agreeing to the YouTube Partner Program, Signing up for an AdSense account and settings up the monetization preferences.
  • Though your choice for monetizing your uploads and streams would be evaluated by the YouTube after you reach the milestone of 400 watch hours in the previous 12 months along with at least 1000 subscribers.
  • You will find an option from the same tab under settings > creator studio > channel > Branding, from where you can add a hologram or Brand logo on the video of yours.
  • If you want to add some background music or sound effects in your video and you do not have copyright of any music files, you can use the free music available in the YouTube for free inside Creator Studio > Create > Audio Library.
  • All other options and minor integrated tools and functions will be available to you once you start using the account regularly.

While using the facilities of YouTube Channel make sure you do not break any Copyright Status related policies or Community Guidelines related policies to make sure your channel does not face any legal problem. To ensure that you should go through the YouTube channel guidelines and policies couple of time to be sure of the rules.

What tools and software application do you need?

Now comes up the question of supporting tools and software, which are needed and why the Software are needed. We are going to talk about some Software which are free and easy to download and use. Of course, we are not about to promote any of the Software, so we are just mentioning the most popular software and tools for this job.

The main free software which can be used for this job are:

  1. XSplit Broadcaster
  2. Streamlabs OBS
  3. Shotcut
  4. Discord


XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster is one of the most popular and widely used applications for live Internet broadcasting, with a user base ranging from newbies to pro streamers around the world and is available in multiple languages. You can download the software from the above-given link. This software is free, though there are paid options also available. For a premium membership, they charge around $15 for 3months. For a new starter, the free options will be good enough. As with more practice, you will become an expert with software as well as you will start realizing what more functions you do need. According to that, you can opt for the paid membership.

This software is mainly needed to channel your gameplay video or any live webcam captured video to go through a gateway and reach the destination URL, which is your YouTube Channel. Though the broadcasting is the main job of this software, some other features also available along with this. I want to add some text on the stream, or the name of your gamer id or tag, or even the team name of yours can be displayed on the screen with the help of the software. Even you can place the texts or tags where ever you deem to fit it.

After downloading you have login, you can use your Facebook or Google plus id to login or can create a new one too. After logging in go to the option Add Source to explore all the functions. From the Output option in the menu ta,b you can set up, edit the output options and channels. You even can broadcast on Facebook Live, Twitch TV or even in another local computer with the help of this software.

All other options like Resolution support to FPS limit can be customized and the options can be enriched by the paid membership also.

Streamlabs OBS

This is one of the most popular software around the world for streaming utility needs. While you watch a live stream of any Youtuber you may notice many options are popping on the screen. Options like Subscriber Goals, Subscriber alert (with or without animation, sound effect), Donation alert (with or without animation, sound effect), New Sponsor alert all these are a utility which is not provided by either YouTube Channel or XSplit Broadcaster. These utilities can be put in use by using the Streamlabs OBS.

Streamlabs OBS beta version is free which can be downloaded from the above link. This software may look a little bit complex at first but give it a chance some time, watch some tutorial videos and it will become easier for you. The software may feel a complex first couple of timers while setting up the options for the first time, as after that there you may need to just start the software while streaming as the options are there at their place already and will start working automatically after your login.

Streamlabs also work with Twitch TV and Facebook Live. You can also add a different type of widgets within the scene to enhance the experience using this software.


This software is used for editing videos. This software is enriched with options for Youtubers. This software is free of cost. It can be used instead of Windows Moviemaker, Online movie maker or Google’s video editor, as it gives you better control and easy to use experience. Anyone with a minimal computer using experience can learn and use the software by himself.

This software is mainly needed for those who want to upload edited non-live videos. A live streamer may like to cut some highlights from his stream and edit it to present it more beautifully so that he can also upload this video for more views even when he is not streaming online.

If someone is completely uninterested in making and uploading video files into his channel, then he may not need this software.


It is a popular app for voice chatting over the internet for free. It is completely free of cost. It can be used through mobile phones also. It is mainly used to live chat voice chat with other players in a multiplayer game instead of using the inbuilt voice chat system.

In the case of live streamers, it can be used to do voice chat with subscribers and sponsors anonymously and safely. In some dedicated subscriber games, or in any competition the user can form a group in which hundreds of other players can be added and the chat can be done with all of them at the same time. To do a voice chat free from any game related lags this software can be put in use. Most of the pro gamers and streamers do rely on this kind of third-party Voice chatting software for a better experience.

If you want to learn about how to use this Software, you can watch a video tutorial on YouTube, there are many of them. You should spend a couple of days’ time with the Software to know them well and to learn them first. This way you also better understand your needs which can be fulfilled with the Software. If you want to read the Tutorial articles about these Software then stay tuned with us for our other articles.

Recommended Hardware for streaming PC

There is actually no set bar Hardware needed for this job. But while you are streaming a game from your PC, you ought to have a gaming pc or at least a PC which is capable of running the game along with all other software we just talked about, at the same time.

  • You can read the manuals of each above-said software for their hardware recommendations. But in general, you need to understand that two to three software along with your game is going to run at the same time, so it is going to be a bulky job for that PC. You also need to control and handle stuff in the other software while streaming online. So, we recommend a custom build pc for the job. Laptops may let you do the job, but the job quality is not guaranteed. As it may slow down due to overheating, thus the performance can drastically fall down, which will lead to negative impressions from the viewers.
  • To do the job perfectly, we recommend using a Desktop PC with a good cooling system (or maybe place the PC in an AC room), the PC should have two Monitors for convenient use. As of 2018, the computer should have 16 GB RAM (8 GB may do the job if your game is not that high in graphics), and a good quality GPU with at least 2GB Video memory (4 GB for convenient usage). GPU like Nvidia GTX 1050 or higher and on other hand GPU like AMD Radeon RX 450 or higher with 4 GB Video Memory will be doing fine.
  • Now while it comes in multitasking, as you are running a high graphics game, with the software like Streamlabs OBS, XSplit, Discord, and maybe some FPS counter software, overclocking software and all other background general process, and also transmitting a huge amount of data continuously over the internet, all the pressure and responsibility is on to the CPU itself. So, you need a Multicore CPU, quad-core at least, (Hexa core or Octa-core would be much better), with a good processing speed (at least 3.0 GHz or higher) would be doing the job up to the mark. CPU like INTEL i5 6th gen or higher, AMD FX 4300 or higher or AMD Ryzen would be doing good.

How to Earn Money from your Live Stream

Now comes up the biggest question, how to earn, to answer this in simple and less word we are doing a list below:

  • You can earn from the monetizing the videos of yours. (in the live stream there is no scope for playing the advertisements), so you may need to add normal videos related to your content more often to increase your chance of earning money from monetization.


  • To do monetizing without any hassle you may need to become a partner of an MCN (Multichannel network) company, as they will handle most of the legal copyrights related issues, so they will take their cut, YouTube will keep a little percentage and the rest (around 70%) will be transferred to you. You can reduce or increase advertises in your videos.


  • You can earn through Superchat facility of YouTube. Your viewers, fans and admirers can donate money to support you using this Superchat facility. In this case, also the cut of MCN got deducted and also a cut for the YouTube team got deducted. Afterward, the rest will be transferred to you (around 50-55% in the case of Superchat).


  • You can provide your Paytm No, UPI No. or other online payment methods on the stream or in the details, through which your loyal fans, admires and viewers can directly support you by donating money to your account. This way you can earn more money respect to the other methods. In this case, the total money got transferred to your account, hence no amount got deducted.


  • Your sponsors can sponsor you by the sponsoring system provided by YouTube, through which they can send you money on a regular interval, from which YouTube take their cut and rest of the money got transferred to you. MCN may charge on that too depending upon the contract policy. You will make around 70% of the Sponsors’ donated money at the end.


  • You can also do brand promotion (if only some brand approaches you with a contract), by adding their Logo or other Holograms on the screen. This way the income depends on the contract between the Promotion Agency, the Brand itself and you. If you already have achieved so much that some Brand has approached you for advertisement, you can be sure that you are earning in millions already. So, this option is a dream come true type of thing.

Remember there is no money paid by YouTube on any particular slab for No. of subscribers, No. of Likes, No. of comments, No. of Views etc.

In the case of Facebook, Live donation seems to be very less, but Brand promotion is a hugely popular thing in that media.

In the case of Twitch TV subscribing is not free. So, in there if a viewer subscribes you then he has to pay for that depending upon the subscription (1-month, 2-month or 3). There is also the facility of monetization through advertisements, donating through Chatting (known as cheer) are available. We will discuss about the other streaming facilities in some other article in more details, so keep an eye for our other article.

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