Things to avoid on any social networking sites (16 tips)

A social networking site is a platform where we can connect with other people across the world with similar interest with the help of internet. We just need to open an account on a platform we want to use. The vast population in the world uses at least one of many social networking sites. It has so many beneficial sides that can make our life easy. Through the use of it, we can stay connected to the people we know from our real life, we can use it as a business platform to promote or run our business, we can make new friends, we can get any information from it, the list is long. Now, it has become a part of our life and the number of users or a social networking community is constantly growing.

It is a good thing if we use it carefully or else it is capable of harming our life so bad that we cannot imagine. Many people already lost their precious life because of it for the lack of knowledge of how to use it or what to avoid. People need some useful education on what are the things we can avoid on social networking sites or related to it to prevent those harmful things. With the lack of proper education or awareness, it can ruin someone’s life. There are certain applicable tools available that can help any person to use a platform safely.

16 Things to avoid on any social networking sites

What precautions should be taken while using social networking sites?

I am highlighting some of the points that we can avoid or useful to know for the sake of our safety and would not make us ignorant:

  1. Arguments

When we do not agree on something with someone, you can express your disagreement but never ever get yourself into an argument on a social networking platform. Arguing with someone in any platform would not give you anything but a headache. Debate or discussion or expressing your views is another thing that we can do to express our thoughts but not an argument. It will make you intolerable to some people or groups and can damage your reputation on a worldwide platform. There are different types of people live in the world with different thought process so it is not necessary that everyone would think like you.


  1. Trash talk or insulting

We are civilized people. We learn from childhood to behave like a gentleman, act and talk properly with respect. Give respect and take respect. And that goes for a social networking platform too. Do not trash talk or insult someone or use any kind of slang languages. We have seen many people doing that type of things. It is not the way to behave with someone. By watching this type of behaviour people will think wrongly about yourself and you would make a bad impression on social sites. It will decrease your reputation as a person and as a human being.


  1. Sharing anything or everything

People share a lot of things on social sites. Media houses share much news on many topics. Do not share things that are not useful or not logical. Avoid sharing any sensitive issue related to politics, religion or any other topic that could create riots or misleading information. If you share this type of content then you could find yourself in legal troubles. You should avoid sharing or posting any vulgar, sensitive, unethical, illogical contents that don’t help anyone. Keep your social site account clean and useful. Share the contents that could help anyone or people can learn to form it. Take the responsibility of sharing good contents.


  1. Sharing other people’s picture or content

You can share your own pictures or contents whenever you want. Nobody is going to ask you anything about it. But, when you want to share or post other people’s picture or content, always ask for their permission or let them know that you are sharing their kinds of stuff or at least tag them on the post. It can happen, the pictures or contents you are sharing or would like to share they might not like or they do not want their stuff to be shared by someone else. It could affect the relationship between you and the person, whose pictures or stuff you would like to share. They might feel embarrassed, heartbroken, insulted by your act.


  1. Sharing your personal information

In many social networking sites, we have the option to share our personal information in detail. So what would be the right thing to do? Well, we can hide our personal information from being viewed. We can give a small detail for other people to get a minimum idea about our self like sharing the state or city we live, the company we work at or the profession we are in etc. But, do not share your detailed address, personal phone number etc. even an unknown person, who wants to know about you in detail, do not let that person know everything about your personal detail. For the sake of security reasons, we should maintain it.


  1. Don’t Believe in everything that you see

Social networking sites or the World Wide Web is a huge area and we can get or do nearly everything by using it. People or groups share so many contents like photos, memes, articles, videos, news, job openings, political views, etc. when you see any of those contents do not believe it blindly without knowing the truth about it. Apply some common sense to identify what is true and what is false. Anybody can make and share any content but it is not necessary that it would be authentic or genuine. Cross-check the content if you have any doubt about it and then count the truthfulness of it.


  1. Sharing your daily activity or routine

We have a tendency of sharing the things in the social networking sites what we do in our daily life. It is good to share with your friends and family about what you are doing or about to do but not all the time. There are other people apart from your friends and family exists in the social sites, they could track your routine and can harm you in many ways if they want. Basically you are making their work easy by sharing your daily activity. And the simple thing is that mature people do not share all the time or everything that they do.


  1. Being judgmental

It is very difficult to know someone properly via social networking sites. The social site is one of the major platforms that can create misunderstanding among the people or in a group of people. Many people cannot express their thoughts properly on such platforms. People try to tell something and we understand something else and that can cause a huge misunderstanding. When we are interacting through texts, we are unable to show the emotions behind any thought or opinion. So, people make their own logic or emotion and try to decode the meaning of any text message. That is so much confusion. Judging someone on the basis of their social networking activity is not a wise thing to do.


  1. Mixing personal life and social networking life

Social networking sites help us to connect with people via using those platforms. We make a social networking world with those people and it has become a part of our life. In personal life we meet with people personally, talk with them face to face and spend time with them. So please do not mix your personal life and social networking life. Balance the two things according to your need and essentiality. Social networking life is a part of our life but not all of our life. Your personal life is way more important than social networking life. Mixing it or giving more importance to social networking life could make you unhappy and lonely.


  1. Addicted to social networking sites

This is one of the major problems we face in modern society. People are getting addicted to their social networking sites. Stop before you would get addicted to this. Addiction is one of the most dangerous things in the whole world. Social site addiction can make a man unproductive, unhealthy, and could ruin anyone’s life. Use it to make your life easy and comfortable. Control your own life, do not let it control your life.


  1. Compromising on privacy

Usually, people forget about their privacy while using any social networking platforms. Don’t do anything in the name of fun and happiness. Learn to identify what could hamper your private life and privacy. Do not share any picture or content or information what you might think is exposing your privacy. In any circumstances do not share with anyone your private stuff and all. Manage your account in the privacy setting. You can share contents with only those people you feel safe to share. It is your life, do not make it public and regret for the rest of your life.


  1. Depression and insecurity

Depression and insecurity are common in today’s modern-day life. People get depressed easily with their life. Social networking sites are one of the many reasons for people’s depression and insecurity. Let me tell you one thing if you can ignore the things on social sites what may be the reason for your depression or insecurity then you might not get depressed by it. If anyone uses bad words or insult you at any platform then simply do not think or get depressed about it. It is not worthy of your time. Keep your things private and do not share your important contents that might be the reason for your insecurity.


  1. Scam or trap

Just like the real world, social networking sites are filled with unwise and evil people. They always try to make other people their victim for their own benefits. Try to avoid this type of scam or trap that has the ability to ruin or hamper your life. Keep yourself safe from the cybercrime. Do not open any link what you see on your social networking page. Check if the link is legit or not. Some links are made by the hackers to collect your personal data or to hack your account or try to gather information about your bank details, private stuff etc.


  1. Trusting someone blindly

Do not trust anyone blindly whom you meet on the social networking sites. Make friends in social sites, interact with new people and build a good relationship with them but not so fast. Take your time to know people more and more and see if they are genuine or not, try to understand their actual motive or what they want. Check all the parameters and decide whether you feel free to share things with a person or you can trust somebody. It is safe not to share everything about yourself to a person you do not know very well. People with a bad intention can damage your life if they get to know about you or have your trust.


  1. Sharing your password

Our social networking accounts are protected with passwords. Sharing your password with somebody else is basically giving your account’s access to him/her. That person can use your account or can check every detail or private things you won’t like to share with anyone. That is why I recommend you to not share your password with anyone. It is your personal property and should only be handled by you. Use a strong and healthy password to give your account maximum security.


  1. Wasting your time on it

Time is the most valuable thing in the world. Do not waste the majority of the time on social networking sites. Use it when it is necessary or you have some leisure time to spend. Use your precious time on something that can make your life better. Social sites are not the correct platform to get your attention and time over other important things. If you waste your time too much on social media platforms, then you will not get enough time to give on other essential subjects that might be able to help you on your academics, professional life, personal life, love life etc.

Logging out

Just use some common sense and be careful what you are doing or sharing on those platforms. Avoid any kind of thing that can create a problem in your life. Educate yourself about it and spread awareness among the people who might find it useful and could avoid problems regarding social networking platforms.

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