10 Best Open Source Accounting software in 2021

Open Source Accounting tools that available online are only a handful with good capabilities, however, enough to start and perform day to day accounting stuff. You can use them to manage invoices, billing, transaction records, a note of incoming and outgoing funds to manage your personal or enterprise finances. Well, also take one thing into cognizance that few open-source accounting solutions are only available to Linux users.

Thus, if you are planning to download and start using one then no need to surf dozens of online pages, here is the list of best open source accounting software to manage your financials.

Top 2021 free or open-source accounting software 

Whatever the software are given here are arranged randomly in the list with a mixture of accounting software and personal finance packages. So, pick the one which you think can full fill your needs.

1. Dolibarr

This open-source finance and ERP solution has quite a modern interface developed in PHP with cross-platform support. It is a web-based solution, thus, we just need a browser to operate all its features.

Dolibarr Best open source accounting software -min
Dolibarr- opensource finance and ERP solution

One can use it for accounting purpose such as Bank account management, Address book,
Foundation-members management, Payments management, Multi-currency, Bill and Payments, Invoices, Double-book entry, and Donation management. Besides all this, if you want to use it for enterprise then this not deplore in that area too. It has a wide range of other features such as Sales Management, Purchase Management, Stock Management, Shipping Management, Point of sale, Electronic document management, Project Management, Surveys, and more…

Furthermore, we can install plugins on it to extend features.

Download Dolibarr 

2. GnuCash- open source accounting software

If you are looking for some simple and very straight forward open source accounting software then try GnuCash. It meant to implement a double-entry bookkeeping system, basically designed to target small businesses or Personal and small enterprise accounting.

It is available for Linux, GNU, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows, macOS, and Unix like platforms.

The recent update of this open-source accounting software now focused on adapting to modern desktop support-library requirements. It is written in C whereas its Android app is in Java.

GnuCash- best accounting software opensource

GNUCash provides all features that an accountant needs in day to day financial tasks such as Double-entry bookkeeping, Invoicing and Credit Notes, Employee expense voucher, basic Payroll Management, Mapping to income tax schedules, Multi-Currency Transaction, Built-in and custom reports, and charts; HBCI Support, OFX, QIF Import, CSV Import,
Scheduled Transactions and more…

Download GNUCash

3. Skrooge for personal finances

Skrooge, a KDE powered software to manage your personal finances. It can import documents KMYMoney, Microsoft Money, GNUCash, Grisbi, Home Bank, and Money Manager Ex. Periodic reports creation, Budgeting, Multi currencies, expense tracking, and more…

It is available for Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and macOS.

Skrooge KDE accounting software
Skrooge, a KDE powered accounting software


4. ADempiere ERP Business Suite

ADempiere release in 2006 and since then it keeps marinating by its community to make sure it remains an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software package. The name of it has taken from the Italian language which means to accomplish. Adempiere inherited from another open-source project called Compiere.

adempiere opensource ERP software
ADempiere ERP Business Suite

It can run from multiple devices: PC, Tablet, and Smartphone. It can help in the following field Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SCM, CRM, Financial Performance Analysis, Integrated Point of sale (POS) solution, and more.

ADempiere supports Linux, OS X, Unix, Windows operating systems, and Apache Tomcat, JBoss, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database platforms.

Furthermore, you can also go for another Adempiere fork project called metasfresh (link). It has a good interface and provides the same features as ADempiere.

Download ADempiere

5. Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz is another well stable and up to date open source software for accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP). It comes with tools to automate many business processes of an enterprise.

OFBiz has a wealth of sophisticated functions, such as the option of having partial steps in the event of resource bottlenecks handled by other companies as part of a multi-stage production process.

Apache OFBiz for accounting and ERP planning
Apache OFBiz enterprise resource planning

When it comes to databases, OFBiz is very open and cooperates with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, and DB2.

It offers tools to full fill accounting related tasks such as agreements, invoicing, vendor management, general ledger. Apart from it, being an ERP solution, it can also use for Asset maintenance, Catalogue and product management, Order processing, Inventory management, automated stock replenishment, etc.

It is also a cross-platform application.

Download Apache OFBiz

6. Compiere

Compiere is also an open-source enterprise ERP and CRM solution for small to medium-size enterprises to manage finance, distribution, retail, service, and manufacturing. The software has been available in two versions: the free Comunity Edition and the Enterprise Edition with extra features, Web-based Architecture and UI, and tools to carry out sophisticated tasks.

Compiere finance management open source

It supports Postgres Plus Advanced Server, Oracle XE, Oracle Standard Editions, and Oracle Enterprise Edition Databases.

Download Compiere CE 

7. iDempiere

iDempiere is another free and open-source business suite for ERP/CRM/SCM with a flexible design that supports PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

It is written in Java, supports Operating system Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and OSGi, Jetty, ZK (framework) platform. To cater to a large audience it is available in 16 languages.

iDempiere Business Suite also known as OSGi + ADempiere
iDempiere Business Suite also known as OSGi + ADempiere

In terms of financial accounting allows you to manage payments, bank account, and financial reporting along with asset management.

Its supported platforms – Linux, macOS, and Windows and require Java OpenJDK 11 or 12; PostgreSQL Database or Oracle Database to install. Firefox, Chrome, Opera are the supported browsers. One more thing about iDempiere is its plugin supported framework which allows users to expand its functionalities.

Download iDempiere

8. Openmiracle accounting software

This one is also free and open-source accounting software for personal or small business. For example office usage where you want free software to automate the finance-related tasks, the Openmiracle could be a good choice if you don’t like GNUcash.

Using this software, the user can design custom bills; it has a built-in payroll management system to prepare salary sheets which become easier because of its setting options for salary, holiday, advance payment, salary voucher, attendance, pay heads, designations, and payslip options.

Openmiracle free personal and business accounting software

Openmiracle can prepare financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Profit, and Loss, Fund flow, Cash, etc.

Godown And Rack Management, Multi-Currency Adoption, PDC Handling, Barcode setting system, Dot Matrix Printer support, Automatic and Manual product code generation; Credit Limit & Credit Period To Customer, Batch, etc. are some other features of this software that come at free of cost. It also offers a plugin system.


9. LedgerSMB

With the name of this software, one can find out for whom this is meant. LedgerSMB is SQL database based accounting and ERP software that comes with an open-source license. To use it on any PC or device it offers a standard web user interface to be used in any available mainstream browser.

LegerSMB accounting and ERP software
LegerSMB accounting and ERP software

It is written in Perl and uses client-server application architecture, intending to target small to mid-size business this free and open source accounting software comes with features such as a full general ledger, accounts receivable & payable, financial reports: Income statement (Profit & Loss report), Balance sheet, Trial balance. Also, it has invoicing capabilities (mailing, printing), inventory tracking, and more…

Apart from Linux, it is also available as a Docker image.


10. Home Bank

Another personal or small office free accounting software with a nice list of features and interactive GTK+ based interface.

It supports file formats that include QIF, OFX, QFX, and CSV; Dynamic reports, Bank, Cash, Asset, Credit card, Liability, management; Budget management, Scheduled transactions, Beautiful charts, and more.

Home bank
Free personal finance software, money management

Get it

Closing notes:

Apart from these free and open-source accounting tools for personal finance management one can also try some other free software such as Tryton, Flowlog, KMyMoney. However, I am sure the above-given software will full your accounting needs to some extent.

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