Top 5 free CRM Services for New and Small Businesses

Starting a new business or a startup can be hard as climbing a mountain with a target to achieve the top of it. There will be plenty of work with little balance to invest and we should look for alternative options to manage the things for the benefit of the business and give it a life to survive. Among the many areas, CRM services are one of them, any startup should take care from the beginning.

Meaning of CRM services

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a service to manage the current customers and forecasting potential customers by analyzing the data and customer history via pulling information from various platforms. The growth of sales and customer retention depends on this service very much. As we know data plays a major role in today’s world, thus the information curated from CRM can guide any startup to plan its next step to increase sales.

Note: Free CRM services have their own limitation in terms of tools, yet a good to start.

With a small budget in hand, let’s take a look at the top 5 free or in-budget CRM services that can be used while starting a new business.

Zoho CRM- Free for 3 users

This cloud-based CRM application service is provided by Zoho, that is very much helpful for the startups, it could be the all in one product for any customer related issues and for the business sales purposes. This visual management system gives us a clear picture of the sales process and the data of customers to analyze. Zoho CRM has a facility to customize the workflows as well as apps for its users, from which they can make their business functions smooth. Website

Zoho CRM free version-min

Key features

  • It has an API feature to extend the customer relationship.
  • The virtual AI of it supports the system.
  • Free for 3 users
  • For new businesses, the Multichannel Sales CRM works as an extra force to boost sales.
  • The feature of Live Chat Support could be essential for problem-solving.
  • It works in the field of lead generation and has a social tool to manage.

Freshsales- Unlimited Users CRM

The Freshsales CRM has all the benefits for its users to give a push for any startups. We can get two types of options- paid and free services if any business wants to use it. The free version of it is very reliable for the improvement which we seek for any organization. The users of this service will get the benefit of a mobile app they provide with and there is a great feature of it that supports unlimited contact list. The multi-tool option facility will enable us to get different areas to try our hands to develop the sales process. For any technical issues, users can seek help from their help desk facility in the name of Freshdesk. Freshsales Free Edition called SPROUT. Website

Freshsales free CRM service for unlimited users-min

Key features

  • A single dashboard will keep it easy to handle it for the sales.
  • The simple option of drag and drop communicating feature is very friendly in nature.
  • The built-in phone is there to make your deals and list of contacts well ordered.
  • For unlimited users forever

HubSpot- Free forever CRM

If you are looking for a good optimized CRM service which could be good for decision making in your business then HubSpot CRM is the stoppage where you can take shelter. The entire sale profile of it can make a proper vision for us to understand things quickly. It provides with a various marketing platform to do a multi marketing channel strategy to reach out the maximum people or entity. The mobile users can also use it very easily since it is mobile compatible. Website

HubSpot free forever CRM service-min

Key features

• You can track your emails via its email tracking system to know the email history.
• It has a scheduling system for creating any scheduled meeting.
• Users can include any kind of videos in emails if they want.
• The automation system helps us to get a follow-up response for any email we send.


For the startups, looking for a platform that can provide with a vast area covered services, in short, the one-stop to manage your all CRM services related issues and works, then Apptivo is a good option. Because of its 24-hour support nature to solve any issues related to CRM. In the beginning, users can use the free version of it and can get the project management feature along with the services of sharing contacts and the support of help desk. For product selling businesses, it is very useful for the invoice processing system of it to systemize the purchase orders. Website

Apptivo free version CRM-min

Key features

• It is very good for lead generation and managing contacts.
• The free version is limited by the barrier of three uses.
• Customer support available.

Really Simple Systems

It is one of the most simple and easy CRM service providers for the new businesses for the simple handling method of it. Just like Apptivo, Really Simple Systems also cover the various aspects of sales-related quarries and issues and makes it easy to drive it for the startups. For sales related works, it is very effective for newbies to start the engine and going forward. Users can keep their data and analyze it in a systematic way and manage the contact list with ease. Website

Really Simple Systems for small businesses-min

Key features

• The free version supports two users.
• Email services are available for any customer support related problems.
• The chances of missing any important data would be less because of the synchronization system of it.

Ending my services

That’s the Top 5 CRM services which I think is beneficial for the new businesses or startups. Pick anyone from the list you might think could be useful for your organization and can be used without any sort of difficulty.

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