Top Email providers list alphabetically- free & paid

Email services are an essential part of modern world communication whether it is personal or business communication. Despite, the proliferation of social media popularity, email providers will never face regress in terms of their place in society. However, a big chunk of the world’s population uses Gmail which is one the best free email services but that doesn’t mean it is the only email service provider. There are so many other free email service providers that can be considered as a secure and solid alternative to Google’s Gmail. Although the main agenda of this article is to list the paid & free email service providers domain so that we all get a cognizance about the currently available email service providers. Here we are listing the most popular-email providers free including paid ones and those are known for their extreme privacy and security features.

Top email service providers list free and paid

AOL Mail email service provider list

AOL Mail is not that popular but its free email service provider comes with spam and virus filters makes it worth trying. Its email attachment limit is 25 MB.


CounterMail secure email services

This secure email service runs on Diskless webservers and does not log any IP-addresses, to increase the security and to prevent our webserver from leaking IP-addresses. It uses the strongest encryption protocol called OpenPGP, with 4096 bits encryption keys. Few features are True end-to-end security, Anonymous email headers, Portable and secure email from any browser, Android phone compatibility, XMPP chat server, IMAP server, Use your own domain name, and more… It is paid and one of the most secure email services with a basic plan of $4.83/month with storage space 4000 MB.


disroot email service provider

Disroot provides secure email accounts for your desktop client or via a web interface. The communication between you and the mail server is encrypted with SSL, providing as much privacy as possible. The maximum mailbox size limit is 1GB and attachment size limits up to 50MB.  The user can link his own domain with it. Few features are Rainloop is their web client that displayed conversations in a threaded mode; web interface is being translated into many languages; Filters; GPG Encryption.


Everymail free email services

EveryMail is a free and paid private and secure email service provider that is accessible from both PC and mobile devices.  It offers support to POP3, IMAP with full-featured Webmail and completely ad-free; spam and virus filter; unlimited folders and subfolders; automatic replies; Add, delete and manage forwarders, custom domain name, and more…   The free email address comes with 500 MB Storage, 5 messages per day, 20 messages/monthly, and SSL Encryption.


FastMail paid email service provider list

It is a paid email service that comes with 30 days free trial and offers three paid plans Basic (3$/m), Standard (5$/m), and Professional (9$/m). It provides a mail app, security and other productive features need for businesses.

Gmail (

Gmail ( free mail services

Gmail is an email service of Google and I don’t think it needs any kind of introduction at all. It is one of the best free email services which has easy to use interface and an inbuilt spam filter. Furthermore, it also has voice and video chat services. The storage which a user gets along with a new Gmail account is around 15Gb which later gets increased depends upon how old the account is. If you are an enterprise then you can use the Gmail business plan in which allows the company to use their own domain name instead of Google’s Gmail.


GMX free email service providers

GMX another free email service with spam and viruses filtering capabilities. It allows us to send up to 50MB of attachment. Provides web interface to manage emails along with the mobile application.


Hushmail privacy email service provider

Hushmail mail service developed by Canada based Hush Communications Ltd comm=pany. It provides both free and professional email accounts. It provides encrypted proprietary web-based email service with PGP-encrypted e-mail and vanity domain service. App for iOS devices is also available.

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is that need an Apple ID to sign. This free account gives you up to 5GB storage for your emails, It gives full access to your emails that include folders of Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, VIP, Archive, Junk.


Kolabnow paid email service

Kolab Now another premium web-based email and groupware service comes with a trial period option of 30 days. It is based completely on free and open-source software developed and owned by Kolab Systems AG. This email service earlier was known as MyKolab. It provides a suite of online apps such as Secure email, calendar, address book, files, and more; no ads and no crawling.

Lycos Mail

Lycos Mail

Another premium mail service that allows using the companies owns domain name like other paid email services. It owns by Lycos Inc., a web search engine and web portal established in 1994 (USA).


Mail com service email

At the user does not need to stick with only in an email address. He/she can create a personal and unique email address to express his/her personal or business identity without paying anything. It offers 200 domains such as,,,, and more. It means the user can get an email address such as [email protected] or with any other mentioned in the list of 200 domains on the website. is a paid privacy-focused encrypted email, text chat, voice, and video communication service. Along with the web interface, Android and iOS apps are available too. hides your real email account to save it from any kind of hacking. Few core features are Secure transaction, Protecting your email address, No leaking metadata; No real email address revealed; No changes to your system protecting from interception; End-to-end encryption, and Email path analytics. email services

Paid email service with 30 -days trial. The secure offers its service at only 1 € per month. It has easy to use web client with a clean and simple layout. Few features of it are:

Discussion threads, Push notifications; PGP with web-mail; Spam-/ virus protection, Full-text search; No data loss when you close the browser window; Generate download links for large attachments; Self-learning tabbed inbox, Encrypted sending – guaranteed and manage multiple inboxes from a single view. Moreover, at the same price for email service, cloud storage and office apps to manage documents features are also offered by the mailbox. email service provider list

If you belong to Russia and want the country’s developed then could be the option. It is owned by a Russian Internet company started in  1998 as an e-mail service which has approximately 86% of Russian Internet users. Furthermore, apart from the email domain it also offers three more free email address domains, list:,, and


mailfence email min

Mailfence tag line is “Secure and private email service”. Yes, it is an encrypted email service that offers OpenPGP based end-to-end encryption and digital signatures. The Mailfence offers four email account plans: Free, Entry, Pro, and business. The Free email account of the Mailfence comes with features such as 500 MB emails + 500 MB documents space, 1.000 events calendars, 1 group, and Encryption – Two-factor authentication.

Furthermore, overall features of the mail are Encryption, Digital Signature, OpemnpGP keys, Web, POPS, IMAPS, SMTPS, and mobile accesses; calendars, clean interface, contacts – Groups, custom email domain DKIM, SPF, and more…


Outlook micrsoft email service (Live Mail, Hotmail) which is a free email service provided by Microsoft, it was earlier available with the name of; later rebranded to add new features and a clean interface.


ProtonMail Switzerland based free email provider

Switzerland based free email provider. The ProtonMail developer’s main focus is to provide a secure email platform. IT provides end to end encryption, cryptography, hardware-level security, SSL secured (Secured Socket Layer), and more.


POSTEO email services

Posteo offers support for DNSSEC/DANE and PGP (through Mailvelope in the web interface, which is running Roundcube). Additionally, they offer two-factor-authentication via TOTP and use Extended Validation certificates and HPKP for the HTTPS connection. This is a paid email at 1 EUR per month.

It offers a 2 GB email account and 50 MB attachment size; Calendar and address book (synchronizable); Two-factor authentication (TOTP); Ad-free website, ad-free email account, and more…

Rackspace Email

Rackspace Email service provider

Rackspace Email is not a free email provider instead of a paid email hosting account services for professionals or businesses using their own domain name. The size of an email attachment supported by the Rackspace is 30MO and 25 GB for Mailbox.  Furthermore, other services are protocols support such as POP3, IMAP, SMTP; Custom domains support; Shared calendaring and contacts, Webmail Chat, Spam, Virus, and Phishing protection, Recover deleted email; Control panel and REST API for account management, Free Email migration, Ad-free and more…  A free trial is available.


Runbox dedicated professional email service to businesses.

Runbox is also dedicated to providing professional email service to businesses. It offers 30 days trial to users before upgrading to any paid plans.  Professional management, Spam and virus protection, email storage space up to 15 GB, Ad-free services, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Retrieve email from external email addresses, Manual filters; Access via Web, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and WAP; Support for any email client and more…

Rediff Mail

Rediff Mail service is Indian news information, entertainment, and shopping web portal that also offers email services both free and pro.



This pre-hosted mail service was developed to provide security. It is an anonymous email service provider along with an end-to-end encrypted email with no stored metadata.  All the emails and encrypted end-to-end with a secret phrase that never leaves your computer which Scryptmail can’t scan nor read your emails. It offers a mailbox with 1Gb space, 5 aliases, and 1 custom domain for $1.3/month.


Tutanota email service provider secure

Simple Easy to use interface, end to end Encryption, multi-select drag, and drops, apps for Android and iOS apps, along with security and privacy features handle the modus of Operandi of this email service.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo best Google search engine alternatives

Older than Google, which unfortunately lost its popularity in the past somewhere, however, the company has overhauled its service to make it stand in the competing list.


Yandex.Mail email service provider

Yandex is Russia’s developed Search engine that can be accessed worldwide just like Google. And in the same like Google, they also provide free email account that includes 10 GB storage and 30 MB of file attachment capabilities

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail email service provider

It is a professional email service that provides both free and paid services. Just like Gmail, Zoho also provides free email storage space,  spam fitter along with some other services like calendar, task manager, notes and instant chat, and more.

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  1. If you use Gmail or any IMAP email, you should try Spike. Spike works on top of your existing email, and makes it chat-like. You can connect as many accounts and have a single, unified inbox, with built-in calendar, group chat and team collaboration, file management and tons more. It’s also available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and web browser. Get it for free: enjoy!

  2. I’ve used Fastmail for about eight years. I chose it after testing lots of the competition. Fastmail, in my opinion, is the best. It’s not free, but it is quite reasonably priced. Well worth it.


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