Why You Should Explain Your Business or Service Using Online Video Maker Tools

Business World; a World of Competition

People tend to replicate a thriving business because they believe that since someone else is making a good sale from a goods/service, they could make good sales too. So, naturally, there have always been business competitions. But with the inception of the internet, which has made people faraway reachable in seconds, business competition has grown more intense. Every business wants to make more sales than others, even in territories earlier owned by a competitor business. So, how do you stay ahead of the competition? There are several ways to make sure your business is ahead of other similar businesses, one of the most effective ways is by making use of online video maker tool to create explainer videos for your business, and that will most likely help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a relatively short video clip that is used to explain concepts or ideas about a particular topic, brand, product, etc. Some ideas are tough to explain with texts or even pictures but will be well understood when illustrated with a dynamic image on the screen. Explainer videos sometimes include sounds, effects, narration, and subtitles to improve viewers comprehension, and are easily and quickly shareable.

How do you recognize an explainer video?

Identifying an explainer video is very simple; use the following characteristics to identify them

  • An explainer video is explanatory; the primary purpose of creating an explainer video is to explain ideas, your business, service, product, train, learn and to provide answers to questions, solutions to problems. They provide simple explanations.
  • Explainer videos are short; the maximum duration of an explainer video is recommended to be 120 seconds (2 minutes).
  • Explainer videos are simple; concepts/ideas are communicated clearly and concisely.
  • Explainer videos are animated; characters, scenes, and objects in an explainer video are animated and this kind of videos often transmits a sense of humour and customized personality.
  • Explainer videos are usually brand-themed; there is always emphasis on the brand that owns the video. This could be done actively like displaying a logo, mentioning the brand name, etc. or passively by just using a particular colour theme, brand-attributed sounds/effects, and so on.

Who has been using explainer videos?

Great companies like Twitter, Google, Facebook have been using Explainer videos as a means of effective communication to their users.

Why use an explainer video?

1. Visual learning is more effective

You can experiment by reading a three-minute text and watch a three-minute video. Wait for like 30 minutes later, and then try to remember the contents of both the texts and the video. You will discover that you remember the content in the video more than what you have read. This is the reason why you still clearly remember scenes from movies watched years ago.

A 90-second explainer video can explain what 3 pages of texts would explain. The addition of sound effects/narration will increase attentiveness. Color, scenes, and dynamic objects can also make comprehension easier.

2. More people prefer to watch a video

Have you ever wondered why social media websites are including more videos in their content? It is because they discovered that people spend more time on web pages that have videos. More than 70% of internet users today prefer to watch a short video than spending time reading long paragraphs of text.

 3. Videos can call viewers to action

After watching a fascinating explainer video on how to build a website, and after the video, you were told to click a button to start building a website immediately. Would you ignore taking action?

4. Videos boost SEO

It has been known that popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. display video results of a particular searched keyword first. Try searching for a keyword on Google, and you will notice that, if available, the videos relating to such keywords will come first on the result page. SEO works the same way when you create explainer videos for your goods/services/ideas and upload them on the internet; they will be found when people search for related keywords.

5. Easily sharable

People tend to share content that is fun and colourful among peers; your explainer video will soon go viral.

There are lots of online tools to create videos without any prior knowledge of video creation. Most of them come with pre-built templates to make explainer videos and they help you to inform about your business, product or service and, they also help your communication within your organisation in a simple way!

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