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5 Best Free Themes Apps in Google Play Store

All of us want our smartphones or tablets to look more and more beautiful, and a perfect theme that suits your personality will just add fuel to fire in that case, so I have come up with this article in which I have included the best apps that would help you in this quest. Therefore, let us now explore them.

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Note: Free Theme apps come with In-app Ads…

Water Drops Theme app

Free 2020 Themes and Keyboards has created this beautiful 7 MB small size app for all of you. First of all, if you enjoy rain droplets or simply you are a water-loving person, then this app is specially designed for you. Once you download and start using it, this app will bring a crazy 360-degree change in the way your smartphone or tablet looks. This superb theme will not only make you feel relaxed all the time but also add more sparks to your style and swag. Furthermore, you can also make various amazing changes as per your choice, like adjusting the way all the icons of your apps would appear and you can also edit the font size and style in it.

Water Drops Theme

Moreover, all the apps would appear like being a part of rain droplets and it would look very mesmerizing and peaceful. Last but not least, one of the most awesome features of this beauty is that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

Google Play Store

Butterfly Launcher Themes

This 12 MB size app is from Launcher 2020 – Themes and Keyboard. So, are you a lover or admirer of butterflies? Well, if your answer is yes, then you must download it right now. This theme is mainly based on love as butterflies are the creatures that are loved by all of us. Moreover, this theme also looks very beautiful and makes your smartphone or tablet look very magnificent.

You can choose your favourite theme from a lot of options available in it, and yes you can choose the favourite colour for your theme and also customise it further as per your choice. All your apps would appear as if being a part of or being carried or touched by sweet butterflies, and all of this stuff is surely going to thrill you. Now, you might be thinking about the in-app purchases, let me shock you with the fact that this app costs you nothing and is absolutely free.

Butterfly Launcher Themes

Google Play Store

3D 2020 Theme app For Android

Launcher 2020 – Themes and Keyboard Apps again enters our list and this time they have come up with this 12 MB size app for you all to enjoy. Most of us like 3D and there is perhaps no doubt in it. So, this app turns your dream into reality by giving you the liberty to set beautiful 3D themes on your smartphones and tablets. It comes packed with over 120 themes which you are surely going to like, and each and every theme has something special to offer to you.

You get stunning wallpapers in each of the themes and all those wallpapers are based on certain characteristics like – peace, love, aggression, and so on, so you can remain confident that you are going to find the best wallpaper for you. Moreover, it also contains live wallpapers which are sure to take your smartphone and tablets to a different league and make it look more and more attractive. When it comes to in-app purchases, you need not worry much, as they range from zero to zero rupees and that might have brought a smile to your face.


Google Play Store

Magic Launcher Theme

This 13 MB size app is developed by Free 2020 Themes and Keyboards. Hey fellas, do you wish to become a magician? If your answer is yes, then just download it and become a magician of your smartphone or tablet and see it perform magic as per your orders. This app is perfect for all those who love dark magic or simply magic as it is based on these things only.

Every time you open an app, it would seem like you have cast a magical spell all thanks to the astonishing screen and light effects. The large icons of apps designed and arranged in the best possible way and all the environment of the screen and every stuff that is present in it will give a very fantastic feeling and your smartphone would be just like a magical stick of yours. The in-app purchases are nill and this magic is free for you.

Magic Launcher Theme

Google Play Store

Love Theme Launcher

Free 2020 Themes and Keyboards is the one behind this tiny 6 MB size app. This theme is completely based on love, as the name of the app itself suggests. Once you start using it, you will find love and only love each and everywhere in your smartphone or tablet. All your apps would be arranged beautifully and placed inside the heart and it comes packed with a lot of wallpapers, and all of them are designed keeping in mind the theme of love.

You will always feel relaxed and fall in love every time you have a glance at the screen of your phone or tab. It also surely reminds you of the most loving person that you have in your life, so it serves many functions. As we all know that beautiful and awesome things come for a certain price, but in this very case, the scenario is very different, as this app is completely free and has got no in-app purchases.

Love Theme Launcher

Google Play Store

Golden Theme app Launcher

This 13 MB size app is designed especially by Free 202 Themes and Keyboards for all of you to enjoy. Do you want to transform your smartphone or tablet into gold? Well, if your answer is yes, then you should never miss this app. This app gives you the gold standard feeling and also adds a premium touch to your gadget. The all gold-based theme is sure to make you more and more proud every time you have a look at your device. This golden theme is going to make you its fan once you start using it.

All your apps would feel like priceless boxes of treasures which are guarded and protected by gold itself. All the themes and each and every wallpaper that it comes back with is sure to give you an adrenaline rush and make you feel like being on cloud nine. You might be thinking about the in-app purchases, well, it is less than the current price of 1-carat gold, rather it is a big zero, so you must forget about that and just grab it.

Golden theme app

Google Play Store

Thus, these are the six best apps in the Google Play store with which you can select the perfect theme for your device and then flaunt it. One of the biggest thumbs up feature here is that all these apps contain no in-app purchases and are completely free. So, I hope after going through this article, you would be heading straight to our virtual store and grab your perfect partner.

Kawaljeet Singh
Btech in Electronics and Communications Eng. & apart from that a person who enjoys the very present moment and learns from every small and big thing and also has a lot to express through his articles


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