5 Best gaming apps to train your brain

Here we have brought the best 5 apps or games to train your brain on Android smartphone (editor choice on Google play store) while having fun.

We all are in the rat race, doing same things again and again which means after some time our mind to save the energy of body put all those things on auto mode. I mean to say, we don’t need anymore to use our brain muscles stringently to full fill tasks we do regularly since all that set in a pattern after some time. Thus, slowly our brainpower starts decreasing if we don’t learn new things or try to improve our mental skills.

We don’t have to go anywhere or need to join any classes, all this can be done on the smartphone. Thus, rather spending time on scrolling Facebook or Instagram that not only make us feel depressed but also not going to improve our brainpower, we can install some best apps those can help us to train our mind. Hence, to save your time for searching them on Google Play store, here we have brought best 5 apps or games those are marked as editor choice on Google play store, so train your mind while having fun.

Top free Games on Android to Train to your Brain

Lumosity: Brain Training game

This game helps in improving the cognitive power of our brain by providing an interactive interface and way to learn. It consists mini-games that a user can play as per his choice to improve memory, focused and problem-solving skills. Also, if you think you easily get distracted on a smartphone because of other apps, then you can continue playing it on the PC, the thing which we need is the Lumosity account.

Lumosity Brain Training game app for Android

The challenges on the app are short and can be easily understood by anyone. A free version of this brain training game offers 3 challenge to workout brain muscles daily and also track your performance as well to give you feedback about your improvements.  You can unlock a full array of games, play 6 games a day and compare scores by buying a premium account.

The app features 50+ activities, challenges for memory, speed, logic, problem-solving, math, language, and more.

Download for Android

NeuroNation – Brain Training & Brain Games

Another Google Play store editor’s choice game app to train the brain in order to enhance mental abilities is NeuroNation. It has different exercises which you one can use as per requirements, I mean on which area of mind you want to focus – faster, smarter or fitter brain.  Even though the games available in NeuroNation are full of fun, doesn’t mean they are easy, yes you have to run horses of your brain to accomplish their levels.

NeuroNation – Brain Training & Brain Games

It also features a tracking system to monitor the progress of users and one can compare the results with their friends using the same app.

NeuroNation assists in enhancing memory, focus and intelligence, whereas, the free version of the app consists of 27 exercises on 250 levels and for full variant once has to go for premium monthly or lifetime subscription. It already has 15,000,000 members world-wise.

Download NeuroNation for Android

Peak gaming app

Unlike other games, Peak not only helps in exercising the mind but also focus on to increase the vocabulary of a person that ultimately results in improving the memory power of the human mind.  It also focuses on problem-solving or mental agility.

One can compare the scoreboard to compete with friends which not only tells where one stands in terms of mind power but also motivates to do more. If you have a busy schedule, you can even create reminders on the app so that you would not miss your mind gyming period of mental workout.

Peak –  gamin app

Just like other free mental games described in this article, this one is also present in free and pro versions. The free one offers 45 games and regular update, it included with games that used by researchers for cognitive brain training; Peak Advanced Training modules comes with intensive programs crafted by various researchers.

Download Peak app for Android.

Elevate – Brain Training Games

With 43 unlock games in a free version and daily dose 5 games for workouts, Pro version with 14 days trial, the Elevate is another free tool on Android platforms to train the brain mainly for attaining language skills such as reading, writing and speaking; thus if you want to achieve eloquence in English then you can try this app. However, it has a bit downside, the app is only for the English language speakers.


For those don’t have much time to play games, they can play the short games of the apps every day during intervals to see small improvements every week.

To track the progress a beautiful hourglass has been given on app to follow.

Download Elevate brain game app for Android.

Memorado – Brain Games

The areas where Memorado brain game helps are memorizing of images, solving of maths and to have better control over language. It provides games on these three aspects to test our overall brain power and capabilities. One can create its own customized brain workout plans on the app to unlock the hidden potential of the brain slowly but in a solid way.  Regular scientific tests will track your progress over time in the app as well like others.

Best brain train games for Android to increase brain power

Furthermore, when you get tired, make your self-calm by listening to 100+ meditative audio sessions. It has over 420 levels within 14 games to train memory, logic, concentration, reaction and mathematical skill.

Download Memorado Brain game for Android.

So, these were the few best free games cum apps to train your brain in order to increase the cognitive power of the mind by using Android smartphones or tablets.

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