How to use Google Translate app offline- Android & iPhone

Do you know we can use and translate languages using Google Translate offline, without a mobile Internet connection?

Yes, can use Google Translate app on smartphone offline. What you need to do is simply download the translation files of the languages ​​you want to translate using your mobile. One language file would be around 45 MB in size and take only a minute to get downloaded on phone.

How to use Google Translate app offline

Time needed: 1 minute

Google Translator provides many convenient features such as translation using Camera, handwriting, conversation and Voice. One more is the app can also be used offline. For this, you need to download both languages, the source language and the language you want to translate into. If you want to translate from Hindi to English, English to German etc. you will need the translation files for both of these two languages.

  1. Download Google Translation app

    If you already have the app installed on your Android or iPhone/iPad then simply move to the next step. Otherwise, go to your respective App store and download the Google Translate app.

    Google Translate app

  2. Select the Default translation language of the app

    After the installation of the Google translation app, it will ask you to set the primary language of the app. Along with an option to download the language file of the same for the offline translation.

    Set primary translation language of google transalte app

  3. In the top left, tap the three bars and Select “Offline translation”:

    To access all the available languages which we can take offline, click on the offline translation option which is available under the burger icon given on the left top side of the Google translate app.

    Setting Offline translation

  4. Select the desired language and tap it to download for offline:

    Now you will see almost all common languages of this world like Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, German etc. Tap on the download arrow icon given at the front of each language which you want to take for offline usage.
    The size of the translation file is displayed in a new window…

    Download langauge for offline usage

  5. Now Speak or write to translate your native language

    Now, even if you put your phone offline still you will the app will successfully translate the selected language you speak or write.

    Now type or speak to translate

The translation file is about 45 MB in size, so you can easily store multiple languages ​​on your device. The small file size of it will not eat up your internet data, so you can download translation files even on the go in an emergency.

So, in the way after downloading the files we can use the Google translate app offline in the usual way for translating.

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