3 Best Fitness Apps that are available for free on Google Play Store

So, in this list article, we have included some of the best free apps for fitness available in our Android’s Google play store to workout at home.

Nowadays, almost every young person is very conscious of his body. Everyone wants to have an attractive and strong appearance for which they spend a lot of time in the gym, but as all of us know that in today’s busy world not every one of us is fortunate enough to take out  2-3 hours of our time and that too for 4 to 6 six days a week for going to the gym. So, in this article, I have included some of the best apps that are available in our favourite Google play store for guiding us to stay fit. Though don’t think that you will be having a body like John Cena or Dwayne Johnson after using them, but definitely, you can maintain a decent physique and a healthy lifestyle with their aid. Now, without any further delay, let us start the discussion:

Best Free Fitness Apps for Android smartphone

Home Workout – No Equipment

This is perhaps one of the best free fitness apps for Android out there, and the makers of this app- Leap fitness group has worked really hard to bring out this gem. It includes different types of warm-up exercises which are a must before you start your normal work out, it records your daily progress, it guides you properly with the help of pictures, videos, and animations. You can even make the in-app purchases ranging from 180 to 3350 rupees and unlock other additional benefits which even include a personal trainer, so all these make this app definitely amazing. And you don’t really need to make the payment, you can enjoy the best of this app even without any cost, it is only if you want proper guidance from a personal trainer then you can think of paying. It includes all the exercises related to the whole body, you can train any part of your body you wish, whether the arms, or legs, or abdomen or back or chest and so on. You can also let the app decide which part should be trained when and follow the instructions from it.

Two of the biggest distinguishing features of this free Android fitness app are worth being praised. The first one being all the exercises don’t require any equipment and the second reason is that the size of this app is only 12 MB. So, what are you waiting for? Just download it and add more bulk to your personality.


Lose Weight App for Men – Weight Loss in 30 Days

This free Android fitness app in our best apps list is specially designed for men, but women can also use it. It is designed for that purpose which many of us suffer from across the globe and that is none other than weight loss. Well, it might surprise you that the primary cause of most of the people that go to the gym is weight loss. So again the Leap fitness group has come up with this superb app. The app guarantees that you will lose weight within 30 days if you follow it properly. Well, though it is not that easy, yes if you follow it regularly and properly then you are surely going to see the visible differences after one month and then after a further few months you would be reaching very close to fulfilling your dreams of a flat tummy, but there are a number of other conditions too, as the current shape of your body or your eating habits, etc you need to control them also for normal results. Again, you don’t need any equipment which is again a very astonishing feature of this app, and there are also a number of difficulty levels which will challenge you in every second of your workout but you should never give up and work hard in order to achieve your dreams.

Lose Weight best fitness App for Men for ANdroid on Google play store – Weight Loss in 30 Days

You can get rid of all those male boobs and love handles using it. This app tracks all your progress and guides you properly, it also displays the calories burnt after each workout You can make in-app purchases only if you need by paying about 400 rupees. Last but not least the size of this app is just 8 MB. Therefore, it is not at all bad having this app in your android phone, just download it and make the best use of it.


Fitvate – Gym Workout Trainer Fitness Coach Plans

Fitvate-apps has come up with this app which is designed especially for bodybuilding. Some of the distinguishing features of this app are that it works in offline mode. It has beginner, intermediate, and professional work out plans and that too designed by experts. It contains crystal clear photos and brief videos of different types of workouts, and it acts as your personal trainer. You can also train a particular muscle group if you wish too, it has a mole amount of videos of every exercise. It also sets the daily reminders of all your workout plans and also tracks your daily progress.

Furthermore, there are various challenges that you can take in this app which will, in turn, help you to shape up your body in a more precise manner. 100 pushups challenge, 50 pull-ups challenge, 300 squats challenge, 300 sit-ups challenge, 150 lunges challenge, run 5 km challenge, run 40 minutes challenge, and so on. And it also has different plans for different people as everyone has different goals, so this app is made as per your thinking.

Fitvate – Gym Workout Trainer Fitness Coach Plans

The plans include fat loss plans, mass gain plans, powerlifting plans, etc. The in-app purchases range from 180 to 1800 rupees and the size of this app is 92 MB. To conclude, this app is designed very effectively and you can achieve your targets very effectively with the help of it.


Thus, these are the 3 best fitness apps for Android that are available for free in the Google play store and after going through this article we have understood clearly that we don’t really need to go to the gym for maintaining a healthy lifestyle or even for bodybuilding to some extent. It is essential for every one of us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, no doubt most of us don’t have any time to go out in the gym from our busy schedule but at least all of us can spare some time every day from our hectic lives for our body by using these wonderful apps.

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