11 Best Crossword Apps for Android, iPhone or iPad

Crosswords or Crossword game apps both are great for exercising your brain. Their ability to sharpen mental skills is considered to such an extent that at some time in the past it was with their help that the British intelligence recruited decoders in their military knowledge.

If you loved solving crossword puzzles as a kid but don’t have enough time now, you don’t need to fret anymore because there are several useful best crossword apps available for free on Android as well as Apple platforms. All you need is just 5 minutes of your free time. Read this list to acquaint yourself with some of the best crossword apps for Android, iPhone/iPad out there –

Crossword Puzzle Free

Crossword Puzzle Free

Don’t go by its dull and unimaginative name for it is the most popular and the best crossword app available on the online store. In this game, you have the perk of being able to see clues in the crossword itself and don’t need to refer to a separate list back and forth. To have a better look at the blocks, you can use additional features like “pinch-to-zoom”, smooth scrolling, and even a “gimme” for both letters as well as whole words if you find yourself stuck and can’t find the right answer. If you are learning a foreign language and need a medium to practice your skills, this is a must for you because you can even switch between several languages like English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Free Download: Crosswords for Android & iPhone/iPad


World’s Biggest Crossword

World’s Biggest Crossword is an engrossing game that awards you coins every time you successfully figure out the words. You can use the same coins to opt for getting tips whenever you find yourself perplexed in the duration of the game. It is the best crossword app option if you want to build up a good vocabulary and want to boost your word power substantially.

Barring a few exceptions, the words that this game employs are the ones that are used in daily life, and thus this game is much more relevant practical, and useful than most of the other games in this category. Through this game, you can even boast of earning the title of Crossword Superstar. However, to achieve this stature, you will require to put in a lot of effort. You will have to solve all the clues leaving no puzzle unfinished and even succeed at the tasks in the game.

This game has indeed been designed beautifully. It is well-researched and is bound to bring the best out of you.

Free Download: World’s Biggest Crossword for Android & iPhone/iPad


Alpha Betty Saga

This is one of the best crossword apps which can become surely become a part of your smartphone if you are a die-hard crossword fan and want to inculcate the same productive hobby in your kids. What are you waiting for then? Go to the App Store and lay your hands on this free game, now! It is a fun and interactive crossword game for kids where the aim is to find new words in letter grids as your chosen character attempts to complete the “Encyclopedia of Everything”. This game will go on for a long time, and you wouldn’t have to search for a new one in merely a day or two. There are over 100 levels in this game, and the exciting part is that each level is undoubtedly more difficult than its predecessor. This game will also instill the spirit of healthy competition in your kids as your kids will be able to post their scores on a leaderboard for their friends to see and compete with.

Free Download: Alpha Betty Saga for Android & iPhone/iPad


Word Fit Puzzle

If described precisely, this crossword game is a puzzle with words. It has simple rules and is smooth and exciting. You need to transfer words from the list into the letterbox. The best part of this crossword game app is its broad reach. Unlike any other crossword game out there, this game provides you with a choice to play it in 23 languages. There are boundless levels and the complexity increments with each level. This is an interactive game. A user can modify it according to his/her desire. To alter the grid dimensions, go to the settings, and you will find your way out effortlessly. This game gives you the option to customize the number of columns and rows, the smallest word length, the first letter, the language, and even the position of the screen. The number of final points is directly proportional to the level of complexity that you decide to play the game on which ranges from 0 to 9.

Free Download: Word Fit Puzzle for Android & iPhone/iPad


Penny Dell Crosswords

Penny Dell Crosswords

If you get bored after solving just one or two crossword puzzles, you can switch to this one of the best crossword apps which is sure to keep you entertained at all times. You can choose from a total of three difficulty levels that are specially designed separately for beginners, advanced and well-read.

The daily collection, the Sampler collection, is something to watch out for as it is what will add variety and fun to your game. It is free of cost, and you need to pay absolutely no additional charges either. There are hordes of features that make Penny Dell one of the most sought-after crossword games in the App Store. Unlike most other games, with penny Dell, you will never get bored because you will have the option of solving new crossword puzzles every day. If you get stuck at any point in time and cannot find out, instead of opting out you can switch to tips that will guide you through the passage of the level.

You will never be lost while Penny Dell crossword app. The navigation system is so convenient that even your kid can play it smoothly. In real life, while the things that you write with a pen cannot be erased, something that you scribble with a pencil can be easily corrected. Similarly, this game also gives you the option of playing with either a pen or a pencil. You can choose a pencil when you are not very sure of the answer. You don’t need to wait to solve the entire puzzle and then submit it only to find that you have made several errors. While playing this game, you can easily spot the mistakes you have made by pressing the appropriate button. What’s more, you can also customize the game as per your likes and dislikes by merely changing the settings.

Free Download: Penny Dell Crosswords for Android & iPhone/iPad


Astraware Crosswords

Astraware Crossword app games

Astraware Crosswords is the best crossword app with over 10,000 players. You get free unlimited access to play four new Daily Crosswords each day. It features 60+ built-in quick-style puzzles,  4 grid sizes, and 3 difficulty levels, Plays any of the daily puzzles from the past week, unlimited hints, posts your time when you finish a daily puzzle, and more.

Free Download: Penny Dell Crosswords for Android & iPhone/iPad


Cody Cross–Themed Crossword Puzzles

This crossword app will light up your world with its fantastic user interface. It is indeed a very smartly built app and deserves appreciation. This game can also be played by your kids who don’t know much about crosswords. When you first open the game, it takes you through its entire interface and guides you step by step through an informative tutorial on how to play it. One drawback of this game is that you can only play it when you have an internet connection on your phone.

This game is exciting. It even gives you the option to choose your favorite genre of the puzzle. You can select anything from options like Great Inventions, Classic Literature, Fashion items, Ancient Greece, famous Rulers, Philosophy, Outdoor activities, and many more. You can make a selection from the comprehensive list of topics, and your puzzle will be exclusively based on it. Its knowledge base is so vast that you feel like an entire ocean of the same is trying to be put in a small pot.

You have the paid as well as the unpaid option for this game. Either you can choose to play countless games for free in the Adventure pack or pay and enroll or the special package. If you are tired of switching your devices and losing track of your progress in games, this one has good news for you. You can sync your game on various devices by linking this game with your Facebook account. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Free Download: Cody Cross for Android & iPhone/iPad


Crosswords by Pink Pointer

Crosswords by Pink Pointer is one of the most critical games in the market. It has a total of a whopping 2300 games which can be played in 180 languages. Pink Pointer has indeed left no stone unturned when it comes to expanding the blanket coverage of this app. Anyone can play it. No matter which language they are comfortable in and you will always have a new puzzle to solve given the vast number in the pool. The game has numerous perks which make the experience worthwhile. These perks include efficient keyboard navigation. You can control the game just by your keyboard and without having to tap the screen several times. This game even provides you with an option to solve either a letter or a word. You can also spot your errors and correct them accordingly.

Free Download: Pink Pointer Crossword for Android  (only)


Word Search

Word search best crossword app game

Although Word Search is one of the most addicting crossword game apps available these days, a significant drawback of this game is its limited reach. Only Android users can download this game. True to its name, Word Search allows you to play with numerous words of your own choice. You can choose from a comprehensive list of genres including Hollywood, Dictionary, Kids, Music, places, or Personalities. The puzzle thus formed will exclusively include the words that belong to the genre of your choice. You can spend hours looking for words inside the grid and not feel guilty because this game will also help you in boosting your knowledge about the general world.

Free Download: Word Search for Android (only)

Cryptic Crossword

Cryptic Crossword app

Are you good at English and are tired of playing the simple crossword apps that have flooded the market> Are you looking for something more challenging which will compel you to exercise your brain? If yes, go ahead and give Cryptic Crossword game app a try. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. There are different levels for seasoned crossword players. Besides, it also has a series of features like highlighting errors, answer checking, and even cheats to solve the crossword effortlessly. The Lite version of the game comes with around 20 puzzles. If you wish to explore more, you can put some money into the game and unlock over 180 cryptic crossword puzzles.

Free Download: Cryptic Crossword for iPhone/iPad (only)


Geek words Daily Crossword Puzzles

This crossword puzzle app is purely built to satisfy the geek in you. If you are a grammar Nazi who loves crosswords but is sick of the ones which boost geek culture only to fill you up with irrelevant, archaic words that you will never use in daily life, this game is made just for you. You will love solving the crossword puzzles in this game as the tv inspires the shows you binge on.

Just like always, you can binge on your shows. Now, you can also play this game alongside and pay not a single extra penny. You can do away with the guilt that comes with making purchases in a game by just watching a few ads and earning more puzzles to solve. If you are not satisfied then, you can go on and subscribe to the game which will take you to an entirely new geek-inspired world where you will be able to solve every puzzle that the developers of this game have ever made or will ever make.

If you cannot guess the words, the hints have your back. If you are upset about your favorite show not being featured in the puzzle, you can inform the support, and they will try their best to include it.

Free Download: Geek words Daily for Android & iPhone/iPad


The culture of solving crossword puzzles started around 100 years ago and had been going strong ever since. The modern era is blessed with technology which has brought a revolution in this game and now you can enjoy the expertise of the most proficient developers out here to have the best gaming experience.



Do you play any other best crossword apps or game which has not been featured on this list? If yes, then do let us know about your choice in the comments box!


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  1. Most of these apps are fine if you already know how to solve crosswords. But as a beginner, I don’t like feeling stupid after breaking my head for half an hour on one tricky clue. So last week I was happy to find Joggle in the App Store, which gives you one clue at a time and also hints. You can progress from very easy to easy, then medium and high difficulty clues. It’s free. I play it on iPhone and my gf on Android.


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