Top 5 news and article aggregating apps for your Android device

If you are fond of reading, you might already read the latest news and articles on several apps and also on the web. Additionally, there are also a number of users, who keep hunting for new articles on the web that are interesting, and to learn something interesting at the same time. Reading articles by visiting several websites from time to time isn’t a convenient idea and the best thing that you can do is, get all the news and interesting articles from different sources at one single place so that you can click on any of the links and get to read the complete news article or a normal article whichever may it be. When it comes to news, you can stick to one single publication, but you might need to know more about a particular story and that’s when you need to follow multiple publications to know all the sides of a single story. 

Today in the world of the internet, you can easily read several editions of the same incident on various new publications and that is something really helpful. However, there are also some news apps and websites, where you can get news from multiple publications in one place. That way, you will not have to download the news apps of every individual news publication, as you can get all the news from multiple publications at one unified place. If you are fond of reading news, that can make your life sorted to some extent. The same is also applicable to other types of articles. So I will talk about the five best apps, where you can get news and articles from multiple sources in one place.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the best five news and article apps that you can count on to cater to your reading habits.

Google News

The first news app on the list is Google News, which is one of the best news apps that you can count on. Just like what I have discussed in the introduction, you can get news from several authentic sources like India Today, Economic Times, Livemint, Hindustan Times, Times of India, The Hindu, etc. You just name it, and the news publication is available on Google News. There are four tabs and with the first one, you will get news articles that are handpicked for you based on what you have read earlier. Additionally, in the headlines tab, you can get the latest news from around the world, country, and in other areas like Business and Technology. 

Google News features a story-like interface for certain breaking news, where you can get a snapshot of the same news article by numerous publications. You can just swipe left and right to find the same story covered by several news publications. Additionally, you can also choose certain topics to get updates about and you can also select the sources from which you want to get the news.

Google News- Top World & Local News Headlines

You can also add multiple localities to know what’s going on in those places, from some of the authentic publications. Talking about other features, Google News has a smart download feature that will automatically download the articles for offline reading, using Wi-Fi, depending upon those that you might be interested in, for uninterrupted reading.

Microsoft News

If you don’t want to be in the ecosystem of Google, Microsoft News is also a similar news app that you can count on to get news from several topics from different popular publications available worldwide. Microsoft News also offers similar functionalities, but you can also get news in your own language from a ton of vernacular publications available in your state. You can also select the topics for which you want to get notified and there are numerous news categories that are presented in a tabbed interface so that you can easily swipe left and right across them. 

Microsoft News also offers videos of the latest news that can also be useful if you do not want to read the news but want to get information from the news headlines or from a video. What I like the most about Microsoft News is that the interface can be arranged as per and exactly the way you want.

Microsoft News

You can choose the standard layout option, but if you want to get more news on one single page, you can choose the compact option, and lastly, there is the text-only option that will only show you the headlines without the thumbnail. You can also sign in with a Microsoft account to sync all your reading habits and other settings across devices. All said Microsoft News is a neat news app that you can count on.


If you do not get enough time regularly to read all the news, you can use Inshorts. Unlike the other news app, which I have mentioned here, Inshorts will give you a briefing of the popular stories in around 60 words which can be enough for you to understand what happened. You just need to keep swiping up to read the next news and you can also swipe down to read the news that has been skipped by you. Additionally, by swiping left, you can read the full version of the news from a popular news publication. Just swipe right to get all news that belongs to a particular category. 

There are several news categories and you can also mark certain news articles as favourites so that we can read them later on. Just like most other popular apps, Inshorts also has a dark mode that most users like. Inshorts is used by a number of users across India as most people today do not have enough time to read the complete edition of several news articles in their busy life.


Inshorts is thus meant for the generation Z readers who want to make the best use of their time and also want to know what’s happening around the world at the same time to keep themselves updated. There isn’t much to talk about Inshorts, but it is indeed a great news app that you can count on to get authentic news.


If you want to spend your free time in some quality way, the best thing that you can do is, read articles online and that can not only help you gain some knowledge but it can also entertain you at the same time. For reading articles online, one of the best platforms that you can depend on is Flipboard. On Flipboard, you can find articles across several categories which include technology, business, lifestyle, politics, and every other aspect most users are interested in. It is very simple to get started with Flipboard. You just need to choose the topics and just swipe up and down to discover new articles. You can alternatively swipe left and right to browse through multiple categories. 

Apart from some of the most interesting articles, you can also find news on Flipboard, and thus, the app can also double up as a news app, however, is always a good idea to keep a secondary news app if you want to keep yourself informed all the time about what is going on around the world.

Flipboard – Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle

Whatever may it be, Flipboard is a great app from where you can get news and articles from various sources. You can also see tweets from those you follow on Twitter, which is a cherry on the pie. That way you can know what the views of most people are on some particular subject.


The last one in the list is Feedly which is again a news cum article aggregating app that you can count on. Feedly gives you complete liberty to choose a wide array of topics that you will be interested in and you can additionally choose the sources, from which we want to keep yourself informed. That said you will have to manually choose the sources from which you want to get articles and news and thus, it can be a little boring at the beginning as Feedly will be an empty canvas after you open it for the very first time. 

By adding multiple sources, you can eventually customize your feed on Feedly, which includes news and articles from several sources across multiple categories. So, you just have to set up for the very first time and then you can start getting quality content from various content creators across the globe.

Feedly – Smarter News Reader

On Feedly, you can find several authentic news and article sources to keep yourself updated every time and it should be the one-stop destination if you are looking for quality articles across various topics. Feedly is not that popular, however, this is an app that really deserves being on this list.

Reading is a good habit. However, if you do not get enough time to read newspapers and books, reading news and articles online can also be a great option. By reading articles online, you can enrich your knowledge and also come to know about those stories that are never published in newspapers. If it is your hobby to read on your smartphone, you should download all the 5 apps, which I have mentioned here and you will not be disappointed at all.

So that was my list of top 5 news and article apps that you should download on your Android device and get the scope to read something new. Do you know any other great news app? Feel free to comment on the same below.