Interaction with Mr Aarul Malaviya, Founder of MASH Virtual & Zamit

Zamit- a platform that networks & supports school ecosystems. It is a brainchild of MASH Virtual (UK) who are London based creators, actively building AR/VR applications, games, etc.
The ZKiT program is a unique, customized support system based on the school’s ZQ (Zamit Quotient), Future Readiness Index. ZQ is a score built around an algorithm of the school’s collective strengths of educational best practices, processes, and systems.

Aarul Malaviya (Founder of MASH Virtual)
Mr Aarul Malaviya (Founder of MASH Virtual)

To more about the platform available in the form of an app for Android and iOS platform, we had an email interaction with Mr Aarul Malaviya, Founder of MASH Virtual. Link to Zamit website

1. How the Zamit is helping the society to become more aware and educated?

Zamit is an information, engagement and interaction platform that networks schools, students, teachers, parents and school service providers. The app provides users with news and updates on national & global educational matters, Videos & podcasts by eminent experts on different aspects of future readiness, Learning, Assessment and improvement activities for students. All these features are helping our society to become more aware, educated and future-ready.

2. Are there any criteria for a school to get listed on Zamit app?

No, there is no criteria for a school to get listed on the app. Any school can be listed on the app. All they need to do is send their information to [email protected]

3. How the News section of Zamit app helps its users?

For students to be future-ready, it is important for the parents & teachers to be aware of what is happening in education, around the world. Parents and teachers are both busy and may often miss reading information that is important. Our curated news gives them short, important information three times a day, with a push notification that will get their attention.

4. What are the future plans of Zamit to grow its community?

Scaling up globally & standardization will be the next logical step for us. We’re soon launching a brand-new product of our app ZCAS as mentioned earlier. It will be the 2nd year of ZISA (Zamit International School Awards) which will happen around September-October which is an annual award function hosted by us. Besides this, we are also working on a zamit ambassador program (ZAP) in schools, that will assist us in keeping our databases & information updated in real-time. Another interesting program driven by the needs of the 21st century is the zamit internship program (ZIP). In this, we offer student upskilling, hands-on learning in a well- designed internship program that runs concurrently with their school summer & winter breaks.

5. What type of technology integration has been done by you guys to make the app accurate and future proof?

To make the app accurate and future proof, we have used Microsoft latest dot net stack knows and dot net core which guaranties efficient security and performance. It uses many proprietary machine learning, AI models and algorithms to automate operations and future predictions. It also uses World’s best benchmarked relational and document databases. To ensure the security of the user’s database, High-level encryption is in Build to store and retrieve the data and we also maintain GDPR Compliance.

6. Would you please discuss some trends in digital education and why should one start aligning itself with them?

As education continues to evolve and develop its curriculum and programs to prepare students with 21st-century skills, let’s talk about the 4th Industrial Age, an age driven by AI, machine learning and other technologies like IoT, blockchain, AR, VR and so on. Today organizations and people are looking for skillsets and most importantly growth mindsets. Therefore, skills need to be developed while you’re learning the subject matter hence knowledge, mindset and skillset all are necessary to meet the global requirements.
Artificial Intelligence promises personalization of learning experience. Just like Netflix, AI will create a recommendation system of books, exercises, videos, etc.

Students will also have access to flexible ways of learning which will be personalized to suit their grasping abilities. It could also be an engine driving you towards what YOU NEED to know. The new technologies are working towards personalized interaction, like the rise of the use of tablets in classrooms which connects both the teachers and the students on a common platform thus promoting personal approach from the teacher’s end.

It will also enable the students to go beyond learning goals that lack in the Traditional Education Model. The students will not be bounded to learn their curriculum but will have the option to test their potential and learn beyond their present curriculum. Educators will be guided towards building a motivational profile of experiences that encourage community-based learning through a fine balance between innovation and execution.

8. What steps the government should take to make the education system better and more effective technically?

Zamit is a networking and information platform and this answer is more for educationists to give. However, being able to function effectively in a tech-enabled environment is certainly something that needs attention.

9. Parents still are sceptic over the online education system, would you like to give some message to them?

Just to clarify, Zamit is NOT a learning app. Zamit is a networking & resource app for students, parents, teachers, schools and school service providers which is interactive and a one-stop solution for school stakeholders.