10 Best Linux distros based on Ubuntu for laptops or PC 2022

Turn your Laptop or Desktop PC into a powerful machine with lots of possibilities using the best open-source Ubuntu-based Linux distros with the beginner-friendly desktop graphical user interface.

Performance is generally not the first word that comes to mind when someone mentions laptops. More portability and battery life are one of the primary requirements. Of course, no one wants to sacrifice power or speed and that is why more and more people switch to Linux. Some do it to revive old hardware and others generally have tried and grown to love the open-source garden. The added security is also a great selling point during these times.
Linux mint has been time tested and is the go-to recommendation for Ubuntu-based laptop distros. It runs on minimal resources and is extremely lightweight for the punch that it packs. We all have come across distros that make us install basic tools later. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We have to be up and running as soon as possible. Mint eliminates this hassle as it ships with almost all the basic tools that you might require. It is also easy on the eyes and does not deviate too much from the look and feel of the mainstream OS and closely resembles layouts that you might already be used to if you’re new and switching to Linux.

However, if you switched just to leverage the insane customizability options that Linux offers, or maybe you just don’t like the stock look and want something a little more aesthetic, Mint is based on Ubuntu and most desktop and window managers should work out of the box without a tonne of setup or tinkering. Mint also receives a huge thumbs up for supporting Nvidia drivers. Great for machine learning developers, gamers, etc.

Well, what if you don’t want to use Linux Mint because it is not the only Linux distro that is based on Ubuntu that’s why we are here with some best and most well-known Linux distributions based on Ubuntu to offer an easy-to-use interface and its flavor…

Best Ubuntu-based Linux distributions in 2022

Although there are dozens of Ubuntu Derivatives, however, we are not covering here all of them only those that are best known and popular…

Linux Mint

Yes, of course, it will be the best available option because of the Windows-like interface which gives a familiar desktop look and support to all the packages that we can run on Ubuntu. Overall the distro checks all the boxes and more, with great community and support. The app store is rich and vast. Mint is an easy recommendation for both beginners and advanced users alike. It also has a single check box option that you can use to get proprietary software during installation. Here’s where you can find the distro – https://www.linuxmint.com/download.php (Choose between the XFCE, MATE, or CINNAMON desktop environments).

Linux Mint Ubuntu best based distro 2021


Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu which was developed to target the consumer section as well as enterprise users who want to use Linux as their primary desktop operating system. The distribution mainly focuses on those switching from Windows or macOS. It offers quite an intuitive interface similar to Windows 10.

Zorin OS is available in the Core, Lite, Ultimate, and Education editions. In the core version, Zorin OS can be installed free of charge. The system requirements for operating the system are very moderate: CPU: 1 GHz Dual-Core – 64-bit, RAM: 2 GB, Storage: 10 GB (Core & Education) or 20 GB (Ultimate), and Display: 800 × 600. Website for ISO.

Zorin OS best linux for beginners


Pop! OS

Pop! _OS is an Ubuntu fork developed by a company – System76 that offers laptops, PCs, and server hardware with a pre-installed Pop! _OS operating system. Accordingly, Pop! _OS is well optimized for notebook hardware, especially for NVIDIA graphics.

One can get Ubuntu’s equivalent version in Pop! _OS version, for example, while writing this article,  the latest LTS PopOS is based on Ubuntu 20.04 whereas 20.10 is also available to download. As it is an APT package-based distribution thus also allows the integration of PPA Repos like other Linux distributions mentioned in this list. Furthermore, Pop! _OS also uses its package sources and has them active by default.

You can download Pop!_OS from the subdomain pop.system76.com

Pop OS best Ubuntu based Linux distro


Feren OS

Feren OS is another Linux distro derived from Ubuntu but customized to let users coming from Windows or other Linux OS, have a home-like feel by offering multiple desktop layouts. If you want Ubuntu, Windows, or are a lover of KDE style all such layouts are there to switch between easily. Furthermore, the developers behind Feren OS have made all popular open-source applications including apps like Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome OS available to install directly from the OS Store. The 32-bit version is also available to download from the official website.

Feren OS best Ubuntu based linux


Elementary OS

The Linux distribution Elementary OS is one of the most successful distros. Elementary is also based on that same Ubuntu but goes it’s way apart from the core. The main distinguishing feature from other distributions is the specially developed Pantheon desktop, which is partly reminiscent of Gnome but is a completely in-house development of the Elementary project.

Overall, the Elementary desktop is very similar to macOS by the look and uses a dock to give quick access to open applications and shortcuts.  The Elementary team has committed itself to a monthly release cycle and reliably releases an update package once a month which, in addition to bug fixes or security improvements, can also have new features onboard.

When it comes to app distribution, Elementary relies on its app center, which, with the support of the open-source Flatpack technology, offers a secure and privacy-friendly method of app delivery. Get Elementary ISO

Elementary OS






Linux Lite

If you want to revive your old computer using an Ubuntu-based Linux distro, then Linux Lite is one of the best available options because of the lightweight and use of Ubuntu LTS (Long term Support) release to offer a solid operating system for your dying PC or laptop hardware. It uses a customized  Xfce desktop environment.

Linux Lite comes with a wide range of helpful tools and program packages that are primarily aimed at beginners and those switching. Various popular software packages can be installed quickly and easily via “Lite Software”, and “Lite Tweaks” helps to adapt and optimize the system.

It has a “Linux Lite Control Center”, a control center through which almost all system settings can be made, and a system menu that is similar to the start menu of Windows 7. Therefore, whether your old PC or laptop was on Windows XP or Windows 7, you will still find a familiar interface on Linux Lite.

Overall, Linux Lite offers several such practical things which should make life easier for users who don’t have prior Linux experience. Website for Linux Lite ISO

Linux Lite best Ubuntu based distro for old PC or laptop


Ubuntu Flavours

Well, Ubuntu Linux flavors are distro based on the original one without much customization except interface and availability of pre-install packages or software to make the flavor lightweight or beginner-friendly.  This means they will have the same Ubuntu  OS but with different desktop environments and numbers of packages to target different users. For example, Lubuntu is the same as the original Ubuntu but with a lightweight interface, so that we can use it on old laptops and PCs as well.

Thus, if you don’t like the default Gnome interface of Ubuntu and want to have it with another Desktop interface such as QT, Plasma, Budgie, Kylin, Mate and more then download the Ubuntu flavors… One more thing, flavored distros run parallel to the official one, which means, as we get the latest version for the original Ubuntu and the same will be available for them as well later or sooner…


Lubuntu is a Linux operating system that, as the name suggests, is based on the popular Ubuntu distribution. It was developed to provide a lightweight and less resource-consuming Linux distro. Therefore, the operating system uses the LXQt as the Desktop Interface, and also the applications provided with Lubuntu are economical in terms of resource consumption. This is why the Linux distribution is particularly suitable for computers with rather old hardware.  Earlier Lubuntu used to have LXDE as its default desktop

You download it from Lubuntu.me

Lubuntu best derivative min



Kubuntu is another official variant or flavor of Ubuntu that instead of Gnome comes with the Plasma desktop environment from KDE.  Plasma is a modern desktop designed to support high-resolution displays with lots of widgets and beautiful elements. ISO file is available at kubuntu.org 



Ubuntu Budgie

Budgie is a Linux desktop environment developed by the Solus project and also available as the default interface for official Ubuntu under the name- Ubuntu Budgie desktop.  Thus, at the core, you find the same stability and packages that our modern Ubuntu distro has.  You can get it at the official website–  or learn How to install the Budgie desktop environment on Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 LTS Linux

Budgie Desktop installation command for Ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04


Ubuntu Kylin

Kylin is a project developed to cater the Chinese users with a beautiful and elegant Windows-like interface.  Get its ISO at Ubuntu Kylin or learn the steps to install Kylin Desktop UI on your existing Ubuntu Linux.

White theme Linux Kylin


Ubuntu Studio

This Ubuntu-based flavor or Linux distro is for people who are in creative fields such as graphic designing, audio production, image or video editing and publishing because it comes with a wide range of open-source tools and software out-of-the-box to support such tasks… Website

Ubuntu Studio for video and audio editors min


Closing thoughts

This was the list of some popular Ubuntu-based Linux distributions if you are using one of them or any other. let us know why and what makes that Linux distro a part of your laptop or desktop device.




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  1. My issue has always been battery life with Linux. Of course every distro basically baked with same kernel and base Linux model either Debian or a flavor of Ubuntu with a graphical interface that means so little in terms of battery life. Yes, some are a little more hungry but big consumption comes from screen and CPU and GPU. In Windows refresh rates can be reduced to as little as 30Hz and CPU can also be throttled more effectively. Yes, you can add in tools to better throttle CPU but at the expense of performance. I’d rather just accept Linux is worse on battery life then Windows.


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