How to upgrade Kali Linux running on WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux)

As we know, with WSL 1 & WSL 2, we can run Linux like Kali, Ubuntu, and other available, on Windows 10. However, there would not be any graphical version to use on Linux running on the Windows subsystem for Linux. Once I tried and installed successfully, a GUI over KALI WSL, but the performance was poor. Thus, it is better to go CLI version only to test and run ethical hacking commands or other various tools.

Well, here we are talking about the upgrading process of KALI Linux. If you are on WSL and running some old version of it, then you can upgrade it to the latest version using the below commands…

Upgrade KALI Linux on WSL 2020

Currently, while writing this tutorial, our Windows 10 installed KALI version was on 2020.1 and will show the command to upgrade it to KALI 2020.2. However, the given steps can also be used for earlier versions.

  1. Run command line WSL KALI Linux. Just go to applications and start this Linux.
  1. After that first make sure all the available packages over it are up to date.
sudo apt update
  1. Add the Kali rolling release repository using this command:
echo "deb kali-rolling main non-free contrib" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list
  1. To flush the APT cache and recognizing the added repo, first-run update command and the upgrade one:
sudo apt update
sudo apt -y full-upgrade
  1. Once the update and upgrade process has been done, check the current version of your system to make sure everything is up to date:
 grep VERSION /etc/os-release

Upgrade KALI Linux on WSL

This is the simple way to upgrade no only WSL running Kali Linux but also other that are full-fledged installed on PC, server, or Virtual Box virtual machine.

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