AdGyde Reported, ABP News App hits 7.5 lakh new installs in one day

The News app of India, ABP News Network-ABP Live News app, hit a new milestone of 7.5 lakh or 0.75 million new app installs on a single day.

AdGyde, the leading Analytics and Attribution tool, other than witnessing a record- 7,36,457 New App Installs in a single day – Dec 11, 2018, for ABP Live News app, it successfully handled approx. 2.12 Cr User Sessions alone from ABP Live News App on that given day. In other words, this implies that the ABP News app also saw user session of 2.12 crore or 21 million, and saw maximum new user installs from Jaipur.

December 11 saw state election results of several Indian states including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Telangana.

Mr. Avinash Pandey, COO – ABP News Network said, “As per the data provided by AdGyde, ABP News App being downloaded for 7.5 lakh times on the counting day is a testament of ANN being the most preferred source of news and information for viewers. Counting day holds great significance for Indian viewers, as it was the D-Day for contesting political parties and alliances. ABP News App achieved this feat by providing the viewers with engaging and detailed information of the results. We are working hard to continue with this feat, keeping in mind the upcoming General Election 2019.”

Text Box: Top 5 City wise New Users Split
City Percentage

  • Jaipur 12.63%
  • Indore 7.90%
  • Pune 7.87%
  • Bhopal 7.30%
  • New Delhi 6.98%

AdGyde is a Mobile Apps Analytics Platform Solution, which is a subsidiary of MoMAGIC Technologies, a fast-paced, innovative, AI and Big data driven mobile tech organization, with dominance in South East Asia.

“Indians are amongst the largest consumers of news content in the world and our recent study on Lifestyle Insight of App Users in India, also showed that news related apps saw a jump of over 90% Q-o-Q. ABP is India’s leading news channel and news portal, and the growth seen in its Live News app installs is expected to continue further with national elections in April-May next year,” said Mr. Arun Gupta, Founder & CEO, MoMAGIC Technologies.

AdGyde, is Indian startup with transparent app attribution, tracking and analytics tool, with integrating SDK, that monitors and reports analytical data about app installs and in-app user behaviour that helps app marketers, re-work their digital outreach strategy. AdGyde, recently, strengthened its offering for Gaming companies, by developing the AdGyde Unity SDK – analytics for Gaming Industry.