Amazon Internet: fast, lite, and private! Best browser for low end smartphones?

A number of feature-packed browsers are available on the Play Store, and each of them offers a plethora of features. But, with more feature coming to play, most of the low-end smartphones are unable to handle them, making the experience of using the browsers, even worse. With a small initiative to address the issue, Amazon, the largest online shopping portal has introduced a lite internet browser for users of low-end smartphones in India. The name of the app is ‘Internet: fast, lite, and private’, and it is available on the Google Play Store, for free. Though presently, most of the devices are not supported by the app, and Amazon says, the Amazon internet browser is meant only for users having low-end smartphones.

The size of the Amazon internet browser app is almost 2 MB, which means, if you have less space on your smartphone, the lite browser is surely the cup of tea, which you should go for. It is no doubt going to conserve a lot of space, when most other browsers balloon in size after every update, in the name of bug fixes and improvements. Considering the little size of the app, there is no doubt, it does not come with a big set of features, but if you just want to surf the internet, for everyday use, and want to read the news, while going to your office, this lite browser is something, you should definitely download today, without thinking again.

Download it here.


Amazon internet browser app features

Amazon Internet fast, lite, and private browser app for Android

Amazon internet browser home screen

Once you open the app, you can find the links for almost all the most commonly used websites, which obviously include Amazon, Cricbuzz, Facebook, Book My Show, and others. Just below, that, you can find a list of trending news from various news providers. I am sure, if you keep using the browser, you will get customized news, handpicked for you, or the news, which you will be interested in.

Amazon internet browser app for Android


If you are in love with the Google Chrome news feed on the homepage, but unable to use that, due to its resourceful operations, the Amazon lite browser is certainly for you.

Amazon lite browser
Amazon lite browser


Amazon internet browser Incognito mode

Just like all other browsers of today, you can open multiple tabs, and there is also an option to find your private content with the help of incognito mode or with the help of private tab feature, which is also present in the browser.

Amazon internet browser Incognito mode

You can also switch between general tabs and private tabs effortlessly, with just a single tap.

Amazon browser general tabs and private tabs


Amazon internet browser Searching

Just like other popular web browsers nowadays, you can search for your favorite content by writing it directly on the address bar. By default, there are two search engines, which are available, and Bing is the default one. Though, you can change your default search engine to Google, by going to ‘Settings’, which is just an easy task.


Amazon internet browser Other features

As far as other features of Amazon internet browser are concerned, there isn’t any in-built download manager, and all kinds of downloads from the browser will be handled by the native download manager on your smartphone, or any other download manager if you have. That is quite natural, as the size of the app is just 2 MB. I tried playing YouTube videos, but they did not run. Maybe there will be fixes for several such issues, in the upcoming days.

There isn’t a lot of support for gestures in Amazon internet browser lite app, which means, there isn’t an option to close tabs by swiping left and right. Though that is not a deal breaker for a browser, having 2 MB of size.

Unlike other browsers, the lite web browser by Amazon, do not collect a lot of data and do not ask for unnecessary permissions, which is kind of good for users, who think a lot about their privacy.


My short review on Amazon internet browser 

I used the browser for quite some time, and the experience of reading news on the browser is really great. I will recommend you to go for this browser; if you do not want a lot of features from your browser, but the only thing you want is, a great web browsing and news reading experience. Though there are a number of lite browsers on the Google Play Store, they are not really lite in the true sense of the term, if compared with the following browser.

If you want just a browser, along with a lot of space on your phone memory to store all your important data, go for this lite browser. You won’t regret using it. The only thing I want is, Amazon should start supporting more devices, as early as possible, and I wish, it is supported on high-end devices, as well.

What do you think about the Amazon lite browser? Let me know in the comment section down below.


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