How to enable / turn on block ads in Android Chrome Browser

The Chrome has recently announced an inbuilt feature of Chrome browser to block the intrusive advertisements delivered by the different websites. The new ad blocking feature of Chrome works on desktop, Android, iPhone and other platforms. If you want to know how to enable or turn-on the inbuilt ad blocker of Chrome then here is the tutorial on that.

Note: This not going block all ads but only those ruined the user experience. Moreover, it also a good thing because after all the content provider like us also need bread butter to eat.


How to Enable block ads on Android Chrome Browser

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser on Android or iOS smartphone.
  2. Tap on the three dots given on the top right side of the browser.
  3. A drop-down menu will open.
  4. Select the Settings option.
  5. Scroll down and find Site settings option.
  6. Tap to on the Site settings to open it.
  7. Under it find the option “Ads“.
  8. Now tap on the Ads option and to block ads in Chrome just slide right the toggle button.


Step By Step Tutorial to Turn on the Intrusive Ads blocker in Android Chrome Browser

Step 1: As I said above on your Android or iPhone iOS smartphone open the Google Chrome browser and tap on the three dots as shown in the below screenshot.

Google chrome adblock settings


Step 2:  A browser menu will pop-down from where you need to select the Settings option.

Open chrome browser settings


Step 3:  Under the settings of the Chrome browser you need to scroll to select another option called “Site Settings“.

Chrome browser site settings


Step 4: Here you will see couple of options those can use to control the website behavior of any website on Chrome like Notifications, javascript loading, Pop-ups, Ads, Background Sync of your data, Media, Sound, USB and more…

In order use the newly launched intrusive Ad blocker function of Google Chrome you need to select the option “ADS Blocked from some sites“.

Google Chrome Android browser inbuilt Ads blocker option

Step 5: Under the Ads option you need to slide the toggle button to the right side which changes its color to blue as shown in the screenshot.

Note: The Google chrome inbuilt Ad blocker only blocks ads from those sites trying to show intrusive ads like pop-up ads.

But sometimes it breaks down the website and few websites those even not showing any intrusive ads doesn’t work properly. So, if you want good ads free experience then you should go for Firefox Quantum browser, available for Android and iOS both. Even the ads shown in the Firefox are not going to ruin your browsing experience.

Block ads from the wesbsite that tend to intrusive ads

How to stop the pop-up ads on  Android Chrome browser?

If you are getting pop-up ads on your Android smartphone then it is due to some malicious app.

Follow given steps

  1. Uninstall the Malicious or unknown apps like dating app or more
  2. Install some well know Android Antivirus. You can also use free Avast Antivirus
  3. Scan your device
  4. Clean All junk files

Now coming back to the Android Chrome browser and how to stop pop-up ads there.

  1. Again open the Chrome Browser
  2. Tap on the three dots given on the right top side.
  3. Select the Settings option
  4. Now tap on the Site Settings
  5. Select the Pop-up option.
  6. Slide the toggle button to the right side to block sites those showing the pop-ups Ads. When the pop-up ad blocker turns on, the color of toggle button becomes blue.

Note: By default, the Pop-up Ads blocker in the Android Google chrome browser is enabled but in case it, not you do it as I told your above.

Pop-ups block in Android chrome browser


If you have any questions or confusion on Chrome Adblocker, the comment box is all yours!!