May be Snapdragon 855 will beat Huawei Kirin 980: Geekbench 4 suspected test

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The release of Kirin 980 seems to have overshadowed Qualcomm’s limelight, but Geekbench 4 is suspected to tested and listed the scores of ” Snapdragon 855″.

This device that score mentioned on the Geekbench 4 is identified as Qualcomm msmnile, is based on the Android 9 system and comes with 6GB of running memory.

CPU 8 core, small core frequency 1.78GHz. From the perspective of the BIOS, it is compiled later than the Snapdragon 835/845.

system information

Look at the running points, single core 3697, multi-core 10469. At present, the average score of Snapdragon 845 in Geekbench 4 is 2400/8900, which is about 54% and 20% respectively.

Qualcomm msmnile for arm64


At the same time, Huawei’s GB4 single-core results announced at the Kirin 980 conference was 3360. It seems that Qualcomm is still “high-tech”, but it has not yet reached the Apple A11’s 4300.

kirin 980 vs qualcomm snapdragon 845
Huawei announced the Kirin 980 GB4 single core for 3360

In addition, the media noticed that msmnile this device also appeared in the HTML5test running library, Chrome score of 510 (out of 555), is a 16:9 device, so it is the “Snapdragon 855” test machine?

Html5 test score Snapdaragon 855

At present, Qualcomm has not confirmed that the next generation flagship SoC will be named Snapdragon 855. After all, Roland revealed that it will be different. However, Qualcomm has officially announced that the new generation of chips will adopt the 7nm process, which has been sampled in August. It can be used with the 5G baseband and will announce the specification details in Q4.



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