New iOS 11.4 Features Revealed Siri Recognizes AirPlay Commands

When will the iOS 11.4 official version be pushed? Before the opening of the WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) in June, everyone will be able to wait.

Now that a new feature of iOS 11.4 has been announced, Apple also makes iPhone users more convenient. In simple terms, you can control more devices through Siri, and through voice.

It turns out that the Apple in iOS 11.4 allowed Siri to recognize the AirPlay command, which was not available in previous iOS 11.3.

After this feature, users can actually use the Siri to control more devices, such as Apple TV, HomePod, or other devices. All in all, it makes your control more convenient, but conflicts with Apple, such as Spotify music, Netflix content, etc. These cannot be exhaled through voice, and this limitation is also expected.

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