Top new features which you can get in the Google apps and services, announced in the Google I/O 2018

Now that the Google I/O 2018 is over, it is the time to find out the latest announcements made by the company for its different apps and services, and the way it will sway our lives in a fruitful way. I have already written an article on the latest features of Android P, the latest operating system by Google, but it is worth knowing the latest features, which you can get in the Google suite & other apps like Google Maps, Google Mail or Gmail, Google Assistant, and others. Most of the services will take the advantage of machine learning, which will thus push the limits of the Google’s services towards magnificence from 2018.

So, without further ado, let’s find the biggest announcement about the different updates and features of the apps.

new feature updates in the Google Suite and its other apps Google I/O 2018

Here is the list of new feature updates in the Google Suite and its other apps

Augmented Reality in Google Maps

Google Maps work really great, and is the best indeed! But do you still get confused about the exact point, while taking a turn! There is a good news for you. With the latest Google Maps, apart from seeing the directions onscreen, you can even see through the camera and see the turn on the actual street, using augmented reality. The position on the maps will also be verified with the buildings and landmarks seen through the camera for better location synchronization. Google calls this feature Visual Position System or VPS with love and it is expected to come within a few months.


Auto-complete feature in Gmail

A feature called ‘Smart Compose’ will be implemented in Google later this month, which will use artificial intelligence for offering suggestions to complete the sentences automatically. For example, if you start writing ‘It is long since’, it might offer you to automatically complete the sentence with ‘It is long since I am writing to you’. This feature might not be that good and satisfactory at the beginning, but I am sure, it will push its boundaries with time.


The latest Google Duplex

What exactly is the task of an assistant! There are many, but now the Google’s digital assistant can even make phone calls for you. Yes, you are in reality. The latest Google Duplex will be able to call various business houses to book appointments, order items, on behalf of you. Duplex will even use human-like pauses while communicating, and place ‘Hmmm’, ‘Ummm’ etc. amidst the calls, to make the conversation feel more realistic to the user at the other end. Google will be experimenting the feature in the upcoming days, and they are even planning to make the businesses realize, they are talking to a computer, for making necessary adjustments while communicating.


More options on Google Photos

In the upcoming Google Photos, if it recognizes some photo of a person, whose name is on the contact list, you will get a recommendation to send the photo to the person. Apart from that, it will also be able to change the photos into PDF and you can even edit the photos with a plethora of new options, which wasn’t available in the older Google Photos. The users can start enjoying the latest features of Google Photos in the next few months.


Google Assistant and new voices

The Google Assistant will now be blessed with 6 new voices, and one of them will be of the famous singer John Legend. To make the voices of the assistant feel more realistic, there will be natural pauses in the sentences uttered by the assistant. You might be able to call the Google Assistant with a different name, or with some other nicknames, apart from the same old ‘OK Google’. Small kids can even get rewards if they talk with the Assistant in a polite way.


Google News to go better

By the next week, you can use Google News in an improved way, where you can get 5 top news you should surely read. That’s not the end as you can even get relevant news suggestions according to your likes and interests. Subscribing to different news providers can now be done directly from your Google account, keeping away the hassles of entering credit card and bank account information.


Google Lens integrated into the camera app

Now the Google’s visual assistant or Google Lens will be integrated into the camera app, and you can just point your camera to any object or sign to get more information associated with it. With Google Lens, you can even copy text from images, search them, or share the information with friends or other members. Samsung users might not get this feature as Samsung has its own Bixby Vision, exclusively for its users.


The latest Android P

Android P will come with a plethora of new features and most of them are based on AI and machine learning. It will be the best Android, not just because it will be the latest, but for the classy features it will provide. I have written a dedicated article on Android P features, which you can find here.

Which of the following is going to be your favorite, and which Google app or service you use the most? Let me know about it in the comment section below.

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