Why YouTube is Slow on Firefox and Edge than Chrome? here is the reason

YouTube introduced a new design a while ago, which was made available to a broad audience in May 2017.  According to a Mozilla manager, however, these changes are responsible for the fact that the video platform on Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge loads up to five times slower. Perhaps this is not an easy phenomenon to notice, that is, using the Chrome browser to open the Youtube page is actually faster.

According to the data, Youtube announced the number last week, with 0.9 million registered users per month, 180 million hours of daily viewing, and Alexa ranked second in the world.

Giving this discovery is Mozilla’s technical manager Chris Peterson, who slammed on personal tweets that Youtube used the Polymer framework after a revision last year, which relies heavily on the Shadow DOM v0 API, which is exclusive to Chrome.

Peterson even gave a quantitative conclusion that the first time Firefox and Edge browsers open Youtube will be five times slower than Chrome.

Peterson said that the solution to this problem is to call the old Youtube page (no Polymer framework), Firefox and Edge can be implemented with plug-ins, the IE11 browser is currently the only browser that can open the old version of the page by default.

According to the Firefox developer, this can currently be solved, among other things, via browser extensions that retrieve or bring about the “classic” design of YouTube. So you can, on the one hand, install a YouTube Classic called extension, this brings as the name says, the previous look and therefore normal speed back.

Chris Peterson also has a tip for Microsoft Edge users on how to make YouTube legs. This works by installing an extension called Tampermonkey and a script called “YouTube Restore Classic”...


Another solution that can use to which can directly allow you to get the old YouTube design:

  • Go to YouTube.com.
  • Call the developer mode of the browser via pressing the F12 key.
  • There you click on the “debugger” tab.
  • In the column on the left is an entry for cookies to find, this one expands.
  • Now click www.youtube.com.
  • Now click on the box at “PREF” and then value after that copy & paste “al = de & f5 = 30030 & f6 = 8″ value into it.
  • After reloading the page you should get the old YouTube design.


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