Windows 7 should become a free software, what do you think?

Are you still using Windows 7 and don’t want to upgrade? Then join the Free Software Foundation (FSF) petition. Yes, recently this organization has launched a movement to get the signatures of interested people and aimed to have more than 7,777 to show the interest to make the Microsoft free the Windows 7 and also open source its code.

As we know Microsoft has dropped the support of Windows 7 and it almost two weeks since the it has got the updates. Despite the announcement of Windows 7 life end, still, there are more than 30 per cent of the PC systems that are actively using it worldwide, at least according to the statistics of NetMarketShare.

Windows 7 free and open source

Thus, seeing this large chunk of users, FSP has launched a new petition asking for signatures from supporters to advance their petition. Furthermore, also it has been conveyed to Microsoft that making Windows 7 as free software will allow the broad community to improve and use it for educational purposes, therefore, the OS can be used for longer period of time for research.

In addition, the software company can prove that it respects the interests and freedoms of users and does not simply force them to upgrade to the latest operating system.

What do you think, should Microsoft free and open source the Windows 7 to set an example of freedom of users and research? Or Shall it all remains in just market concept. Also a thing to be noted, after opening the source code would the Microsoft be able to go on in the market with the same share.