How to check ram frequency using CMD in Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP

Checking RAM frequency details using WMIC command

We already have written a tutorial article in which we have shown how to check the RAM Speed using software called Piriform Speccy. And, today in this tutorial will show you how to check ram frequency using cmd (command prompt) in your Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP PC. The CMD method is fast but … Read more

How to find the actual DRAM frequencies of the connected RAM sticks in a computer?

check ram mhz windows 10 using speccy or Bios

Sometimes it is necessary to know the operating frequency or the DRAM frequencies (in MHz) of the RAM sticks, while you are planning to purchase a new RAM for your system. In most cases, the BIOS will show you the operating frequency of the RAM connected to your system, but, it might be necessary to … Read more

How to proceed with the Python Canopy installation steps, on Windows and Linux?

Python canopy installation instructions for Windows & Ubuntu Linux

Python is no doubt one of the most popular languages for programming and is also extensively used in data science. That being said, you might need to use a number of dependencies from time to time, to get to greater heights, when you are using Python. It comes with numerous tools for data analysis, data … Read more

How to Install Modoboa Webmail server on Ubuntu

modoboa default login

The Modoboa webmail is a self-hosted mail server which is free and open source software and based on Linux. The Modoboa web interface is really very simple to understand but modern. Also, it has the ability to work as a mail hosting and management platform. Right now you can only install Modoboa on Centos and Debian … Read more

USB Killer ! What are they, how to save the devices!

USB Killer – how it works

USB Killer, a device that can kill USB devices such as laptops, telephones, consoles, cars, networking equipment via a USB slot by using negative power surge flaw. From pen drives to hard drives, and from input devices to printers, you can hardly find any gadget nowadays, which do not come with the widely accepted, highly … Read more

How to install Owncloud 10 on Ubuntu 16.0.4 Server

Owncloud 10

The Owncloud installation on Ubuntu Linux allows you to setup and create a self-hosted DIY personal cloud solution. The Own cloud community edition is the completely open source and free to use. It can store your content including image, videos, documents in a centralized location those can be accessed through desktop and smartphones remotely or … Read more

How to install Wine on Ubuntu or Linux Mint using Terminal To Run Window Apps

How to install Wine on Ubuntu or Linux Mint using Terminal

Most of us are grown up, considering Windows to be the only operating system, which can be used on computers. But, with time, we came to know, there are some other operating systems, which can sometimes be better than Windows. Linux is one of them. It is open-source, and thus, there are a number of … Read more

Nokia 8110 4G Banana Phone is Back with Google Maps, Assistant and more

Nokia 8110 4G Banana Phone is Back with Google Maps, Assistant and more

After the big loss in the mobile industry, the HMD took the command of the old giant company –Nokia. HMD keeps pushing new Android-based Nokia smartphone including reviving of old but popular models of Nokia in a new makeover to capture the market again. People start to feel Nostalgic when they here the name of … Read more

1MORE announced its business strategy of expanding operations to Europe

1MORE BT_Quad_Drive

1MORE, a consumer audio company today announced its business strategy of expanding operations to European countries by establishing Europe branch office in London, United Kingdom. It also announced the strategic partnership with Phone House, Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company. The collaboration is part of 1MORE business plan to introduce its award-winning product portfolios … Read more

How to Install Ubuntu on Windows 10 using Virtualbox Virtual Machine

How to Install Ubuntu on Windows 10 using Virtualbox Virtual Machine

Installation Ubuntu Linux for testing or learning purpose on Windows 10 can be achieved by simply installing it on a virtual machine. The two popular virtualization software for Windows are Virtualbox from Oracle and VMware’s VM Player.  Today, this guide will show you how to download and install the Ubuntu on Windows 10 with help virtualization software Virtualbox … Read more

How To Display Current Date and Time On WordPress Theme Header


If you have a magazine blog or just like newspapers want to display current date and time on your blog then this post is for you. Now people are moving from a simple blog to professional magazine style theme blog to add both features and looks. If your blog posts displaying the date of publishing … Read more

1MORE Qualified as a Potential Headphones Brand of CES 2018 Innovation Awards

1MORE Qualified as a Potential Headphones Brand of CES 2018 Innovation Awards

1MORE, an audio company, unveiled its new lineup of products for 2018 release at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. 1MORE’s booth showcased the company’s latest offerings and initiatives, including the intelligent workout series iBFree 2, the smart Active Noise Cancellation series Dual Driver Bluetooth ANC In-ear Headphones,the 3D surround gaming series Spearhead VRX, and its flagship … Read more

Google Assistant Enabled New LG’s ThinQ Smart Speaker

ThinQ Smart Speaker

On LG-Newsroom, the LG has released a press release in which they have mentioned that they are going revealed a Google Assistant powered speaker known as “ThinQ Smart Speaker“. In the upcoming CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the LG beside the ThinQ Smart Speaker will also showcase the soundbar, portable speakers and party speakers. The LG ThinQ … Read more

How To Install Hyper-V on Windows 10

Virtual machine on Hyper V

The Virtualization is not a new concept and already powered lots of organizations to increase the efficiency and reduce the hardware cost and maintenance. There are a couple of well know third-party virtual machine software available online to enable the virtualization on your Windows home desktop machine. But with the launch of Windows 8 client operating … Read more