Toreto Blare Pro 805 review. Great sound and battery backup at a budget!

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    Sound quality - 8.5/10
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    Battery backup - 9/10
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The premium look, great sound, and an awesome battery backup sum up this Toreto Blare Pro 805 in a nutshell.

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I have been using the Toreto Blare Pro 805 Bluetooth earphones for quite some time now and is quite pleased with its decent performance.

With 3.5 mm earphone jacks on flagships in a state of doldrums, and the quality of Bluetooth audio devices getting better, it is a smart idea to go for Bluetooth audio devices instead of using their wired counterparts. If you do not have any special requirement for wired audio devices or earphones, you can always go for the wireless Bluetooth ones, which are easy to use, when you are travelling, working out, or in a situation, when wired earphones can cause a lot of troubles. Bluetooth earphones are available in different prices starting from as low as Rs. 500, which means, you can always get one within your budget.

The Toreto Blare Pro 805 Bluetooth earphones is a budget Bluetooth earphone, with almost all the features you will need from a Bluetooth earphone. After using it for almost a month now, I am writing a short review of the product so that you can make your decision about purchasing it. I will mention all the necessary tidbits of information in this review to help you take your decision without any hassles.

So let me start with the box contents, and then I will also talk about how to use it, and finally the features, pros, cons and the bottom line of the product.

Toreto Blare Pro 805 Box contents:

  • 1 Toreto Blare Pro 805 Bluetooth earphone
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 earphone carrying pouch
  • 2 pairs of extra earbuds
  • 1 user manual and warranty card

Toreto Blare Pro things inside box

Toreto Blare Pro 805

Toreto Blare Pro 805 Features:

Let’s have a look at the features.

  • The Toreto Blare Pro 805 Bluetooth earphones support Bluetooth version 5.0, and it supports HSP, HFP, AVRCP, and A2DP protocol.
  • The device works perfectly within 10 meters of the connected device(s), and the transmitting power belongs to Class 2.
  • The Blare Pro 805 by Toreto comes with a stylish collar design with the wires connected to the lower parts of the device.
  • The Toreto Blare Pro 805 has a 160 mAh battery to power the device, and the company claims, the battery can offer 7 hours of music playback, 8 hours of talk time, and 120 hours of standby time with a full charge of 2.5 hours.
  • The headset has a multi-functional inline remote with a dedicated digital assistant button to call the assistant directly with just a single button.
  • The Toreto Blare Pro 805 has support for dual connectivity to connect both your computer and mobile device at the same time for listening to music, accept calls, and do everything without connecting-disconnecting several times.
  • The Toreto Blare Pro 805 is sweat proof so that you do not worry on humid days when you sweat a lot.
  • The magnetic earbuds on the Toreto Blare Pro 805 can keep the earbuds in place, when not in use.Toreto Blare Pro 805 magnetic earbuds

Toreto Bloom PRO 805 magnetic earphones

So those were the features, and the features shouldn’t disappoint you in any way.

How to use it?

Turn on the earphones using the slider button.

Toreto Review 1 (Small)

Now search for new Bluetooth devices on your smartphone, and start searching for new devices. Connect to the one that says ‘TOR-805 BLAREPRO’.

Toreto Review 2 (Small)

For dual connectivity, disconnect the earphone from the connected device, and connect the second device the same way. Now, reconnect the first device. Now both the devices are connected.

Functions of buttons on the inline remote:

The buttons on the inline remote can also be used for a number of tasks. Here are the functions of the buttons.

Multi-functional button: Single tap to play/pause music, receive incoming calls, double tap to redial the last number.

Volume +: Single tap to play the next track and long tap to increase the volume.

Volume -: Single tap to play the previous track, and long tap to decrease the volume.

Digital assistant button: Single tap to call the digital assistant, and single tap during a call to switch to the handset or vice versa.

Toreto Blare Pro 805 review

Toreto Blare Pro 805 Pros:

Let’s have a look at the pros of the Toreto Blare Pro 805 Bluetooth earphones.

  • The loudness of sound is the first aspect, which you will pay attention to while choosing an earphone. Talking about the Toreto Blare Pro 805 earphones, it has a decent loudness, and you can be satisfied with 50% loudness in domestic environments, and 90% should do fine in outdoor or noisy environments.
  • Sound quality is undoubtedly another big aspect, which can both a deal maker and a deal breaker, at the same time. Toreto Blare Pro 805 earphones play the lows, mids, and highs quite well, and you will hardly get any chance to complain. If you are a bass lover, it features rich bass, which should definitely satisfy your ears.
  • The build quality of the Blair Pro 805 earphones is also something that gives the earphones a premium look. The device is made from high-quality plastic with rubber at the neck portion of the device, which also makes it strong apart from delivering a premium look. The earphones also have flat wires, which make the wires strong, at the same time.
  • The dedicated digital assistant button is undoubtedly the cherry on the pie for this set of earphones as you can instantly access the Google assistant or any other digital assistant, and get some news, without the need of taking the phone out of your pocket. If you have some smart home gadgets in your home, you can even control them directly by pressing the digital assistant button just once.
  • The manufacturers claim, Toreto can offer playback time up to 8 hours with the 160 mAh battery, and it was almost the same, or even better than that, in the real world usage. The Toreto Blare Pro 805 was capable of offering actually more than 8 hours of battery backup, even with full volume. So, no complaints at all, when it comes to the battery backup of the device.
  • The ergonomic design of the earphones is very useful if you want to use it for long continuous hours without hurting your ears. The earphones are very light, and you will hardly feel the presence of something within your ears, making it great for music lovers who hook up their earphones all throughout the day.
  • Whenever there is an incoming call, the music automatically gets paused, and the number is read out to help the user recognize a usual caller if the number is known to the caller. This feature can be very handy if you just want to receive the incoming calls from a very limited number of people, which numbers are known to the user.
  • It is a collar Bluetooth earphone, it can easily be hidden under the collar so that you do not need to put it off and keep it in the bag or pocket, if you are in a meeting, or is in front of your boss, who might not want to see you wearing funky tech accessories at the office.
  • If you have intensive workout sessions at the gym or go for jogging, the Toreto Blare Pro 805 doesn’t fall off from the ears during such sessions. You just have to select the appropriate earbuds according to the size of your ears, and you are ready for the marathon with the workout playlist playing in your ears.
  • The Toreto Blare Pro 805 earphones have a mobile anti-lost indicator, which automatically warns the user with ‘Beyond the range of connections’ message if the device(s) move out of the range or 10 meters. This is undoubtedly very useful if you are going somewhere, and forgot the take the smartphone or in similar under circumstances.

So those are the pros. I am sure the pros are quite pleasing.

Toreto Blare Pro 805 Cons:

There isn’t anything perfect in this world. The Toreto Blare Pro 805 isn’t an exception, as well. So let’s have a look at the cons of the Blare Pro 805 earphones.

  • Most new Bluetooth earphones at these prices today comes with Qualcomm AptX or AptX HD. It doesn’t have support for that. However, Qualcomm AptX HD ensures CD quality playback, the audio quality on this earphone isn’t bad at all.
  • Like most other Bluetooth devices, the Toreto Blare Pro 805 earphones too, display the earphone battery percentage on the connected mobile device. But the battery percentage display isn’t perfect at all. 70% battery is shown for a long time, and suddenly the low battery warning comes like bolt from the blue. I wish the battery percentage display was more precise and correct.
  • When using the device in a crowded environment, the sound flutters a bit. It doesn’t happen every single time, but sometimes. However, restarting the earphone seem to solve the problem most of the time.
  • The form factor of the Blare Pro 805 is collar type. The manufacturers could have provided a vibration motor to alert the user about an incoming call or any other sort of urgent notification.
  • The Blare Pro 805 support dual connection, which I already mentioned in the features. But unfortunately, the user will have to manually connect to the device when both the devices are configured for dual connectivity. I wish both the devices were connected automatically by turning the headset on.
  • Lastly, I wish the size of the wires coming out of the earphones were adjustable. Sometimes, the extra part of the wires become vulnerable in crowded areas, especially in public transports or other similar places. The manufacturers could have used spring or a band to put in or fold some part of the wires.

So those were a few cons, which I came across, after using the device for quite some time. Well, none of them is deal-breakers, so the Blare Pro 805 is a great product at this price.

Bottom line:

Talking about the bottom line of the Blare Pro 805 earphones, the availability of the dedicated digital assistant button really makes it different from other Bluetooth earphones, which you can find at this price range. But that isn’t the USP of the product.

My verdict:

Looking at the price, the earphones are offered at, it is really a great value for money. The Toreto 805 Blare Pro might not have Qualcomm AptX or certain discrete features, but I will still recommend this product at this price. You will hardly similar set of features on other earphones at the same budget. The premium look, great sound, and an awesome battery backup sum up this Toreto Blare Pro 805 in a nutshell.

So that was all about the Toreto Blare Pro 805 Bluetooth earphones. Hope the review was useful for you and it will help you take your decision of purchasing. Do you have any questions in your mind? Feel free to comment the same down below.