How to create a shortcut to one-tap scanning on Android, to save the scanned documents directly to Google Drive

Save scanned documents to Google Drive directly 10 (Small)

Today, it is easier to scan with our mobile phones rather than using a physical scanner, where we first have to put the document to be scanned within the scanner and use the software to save the scanned document to a file. If you are scanning multiple documents, you will have to do these steps … Read more

How to embed google drive video without iframe in WordPress or blog

Embed videos from Google Drive on WOrdpress blog wihout iframe

If we want to embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo or any other streaming site, it is quite easy but what about Google Drive? Yes, it is not a streaming platform but a Cloud Drive, however, we still can upload and embed the videos from Google drive on WordPress or any other website or blogging platforms … Read more

Google Drive – How to Backup & Sync between PC and Cloud

Welcome to Google Backup and sync

Google Drive is a cloud back and sync solution that provides both free and premium data storage plans to its users. It offers 15GB of free storage to its users without charging anything. However, if someone’s requirement is high than the paid plans are there. To make the process of back and sync for between … Read more

Chrome OmniBox: How to search for Google Drive files directly from the address bar

Omnibox Google Drive files in address bar 4

The Google Chrome address bar aka. the Omnibox is quite powerful, and it is a piece of cake for the Omnibox to search for Drive files with the keywords entered by you. Our journey on with a session on the internet gets started with searching for something or visiting the website by typing it in … Read more

How to install Overgrive on Ubuntu – A Google drive desktop client solution for Linux

overgrive installed on Ubunt linux mint

OverGrive is paid Google drive solution for Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, OpenSuse, Debian, Fedora and other Linux forks. It provides features like auto Sync Google Drive to your computer; auto Sync Local Files to Google Drive;¬† Select Google Drive Folder; Select Google Drive Folders to Sync; Convert Google Docs to Office … Read more

Google drive on Linux mint 18/19: How to install & setup guide

Select the Google account

Linux Mint Google drive works exactly the same as Windows or MacOS. As we know the Google offers a quite good amount of Cloud storage free of cost. The new users will have the access of around 17 Gigabytes and the old users 115 GB. The main benefit of installing the Google drive on Linux … Read more

Kodak 55 CAPRO GT5014 Review- 4K Ultra HD LED Google TV

Kodak 55CAPROGT5014 Google TV Review min

In an era where streaming and smart TVs are at the forefront of our entertainment needs, finding the perfect combination of performance, convenience, and affordability can be a challenge. Smart TVs like Kodak 55CAPROGT5014, a 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Google TV are aiming to redefine your viewing experience. In this review, we’ll take an … Read more

6 Best Google Play Store Alternatives for Android Users to install

Uptodown Good Google Play store alternative 

Google Play Store is the default application on all Android smartphones to download any third-party apps or games. But sometimes you won’t find your favorite applications on Play Store may be it has been removed from there because of Google policies or you want to use some older version of an app, in such scenarios, … Read more

Google Calendar vs Apple Calendar – Which one should you download?

Google Calendar vs Apple Calendar

In today’s fast-paced world, it has become essential to plan your day in advance to stay organized and maximize productivity. A calendar app can prove to be a valuable asset that can help create a schedule as per your requirements. Calendar apps are perfect scheduling and time-management tools that can help keep your work and … Read more

How to embed a YouTube video in a Google Slides presentation

Embed a YouTube video in a Google Slides presentation

Adding a video to your Google presentation slideshow can not just make the slideshow look more attractive and engaging, but it can also make the illustrations even clearer if there are any. To begin with videos in this decade the first thing that comes to our mind is YouTube, which is currently one of the … Read more

10 Best Featrures of Google Docs to increase productivity

Best Featrures of Google Docs

A robust online word-processing application provided by Google is called Google Docs. It is a quite good alternative to Microsoft Office to create, edit and share documents online along with a collaboration feature. Moreover, the simplicity of Google Docs and familiar features & interface like MS Office can greatly increase your productivity, whether you’re a … Read more

How to copy formatting in Google Sheets app, like the Paint format tool

copy formatting in Googe Sheets apps like the Paint format tool min

Stylizing texts and other elements within a sheet not only makes it look pleasing to the reader but also helps maintain the integrity of the sheet. While it is convenient to compose lengthy sheets on a computer, tweaking some styles and adding some finishing touches can be carried out on a smartphone – Android or … Read more