Top Mongodb GUI tools to manage databases graphically

The default interface of MongoDB is a (CLI) command line and becomes difficult for new users to handle the databases like a pro. So, here is the list of the most popular MongoDB management tools with GUI Interface.

MongoDB open-source database program is available in Community, Enterprise MongoDB Atlas Editions. The community server edition is free to use while for the MongoDB Enterprise Server which is a commercial edition one has to buy its subscription. It is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X. The MongoDB Atlas is meant to run on cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

MongoDB is a document-oriented database program that falls under the NoSQL database program category and uses JSON-like documents with schemata.

So, here we come up with some of the best available MongoDB management tools to provide a GUI interface in order to improve productivity. Just like PHPMyAdmin to provide HTTP web-based GUI interface for MySQL/MariaDB databases. However, all tools comprised here are not HTTP-based and only a few of them provide a web interface to MongoDB.

10 Best Free MongoDB GUI tools for 2022

MongoDB Compass Community

To start with MongoDB with a graphical user interface, MongoDB is the best way. MongoDB compass was developed by the same MongoDB developers which means more reliability and compatibility. It provides GUI MongoDB tools to MongoDB explore the database interactive; with full CRUD functionality and in a visual manner. With the help of inbuilt schema visualization, the user can analyze documents and displays rich structures. To monitor the load of the server it offers real-time statistics of database operations.  Just like MongoDB, Compass also comes in two versions one is Enterprise (paid) and the community which is free to use. Available for Linux, Mac, or Windows.

MongoDB Compass Community


  • Built-in schema visualization
  • Insight into server status and query performance
  • Visualize, understand, and work with your geospatial data
  • An easy approach to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) data
  • Easy-to-understand GUI
  • Extensible via plugins
  • Construct aggregation pipelines in an intuitive UI
  • More…

Download Free MongoDB Compass or know– Install MongoDB Compass GUI on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux…


NoSQLBooster (mongobooster)

NoSQLBooster is quite a popular GUI interface provider tool to our pale MongoDB CLI interface. It is formally known as MongoBooster. NoSQLBooster is a cross-platform which comes with a bunch of MongoDB tools to manage databases and monitor servers. This MongoDB tool comprises server monitoring tools, Visual Explain Plan, query builder, SQL query, ES2017 syntax support, and more… It is available in Free, Personal, and Commercial versions, of course, the free version has some feature limitations. NoSQLBooster is also available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

One of the most highlighted features is a true IntelliSense experience. This is the built-in voice service that knows all sorts of code suggestions to help you type; anyone using NoSQLBooster would admire its ability to auto-complete variables, methods, keywords, properties, and even the names of the MongoDB collection. They give you tons of built-in snippets to help you write your shell script queries faster.

MongoDB web interface GUI -NoSQLBooster

NoSQLBooster Features:

  • With NoSQLBooster for MongoDB, you can run SQL SELECT
  • NoSQLBooster for MongoDB supports mongoose-like fluent query builder API
  • Supports Visual Explain Plan, MongoDB Log Parser, Query Code Generator, Visual Query Builder, and Schema Analyzer
  • Learn MongoDB with Free Interactive Samples
  • Tooltip for an array, object, and ObjectId values
  • Test Data Generator
  • Server Real-Time Status (mongostat)
  • GUI for mongotop, mongodump and mongorestore
  • MongoDB Enterprise Edition
  • Embedded Mongo Shell, No external dependencies
  • Embrace ES2017
  • Lodash, ShellJs, Mathjs and Moment
  • Support GridFS
  • Read-only Status-Lock
  • Mark Connection with Color
  • Easy Data Transfer / Sync Between Databases
  • Simply Import and Export
  • Import Tables from RDBMS
  • Export to SQL file

Download NoSQLBooster


NoSQL manager

NoSQL Manager has been a popular tool from the start because it could combine an easy-to-use user interface with a powerful shell. It supports the latest MongoDB versions as well as older versions that go back to 2.2.

Like the rest, NoSQL Manager offers both free commercial and paid subscriptions. Your free plan has limited functionality, including connection, shell management, monitoring, data manipulation, and support. You can compare them here on their plan comparison page. Paid NoSQL Manager plans are available for $ 98 per version, per user.

The fully functional user interface supports all commands available for the MongoDB shell, saving MongoDB professionals and beginners time. Autocomplete enables you to autocomplete all shell commands, collection names, and methods used in MongoDB. Similar to Studio 3T, NoSQL Manager supports all three views. A table view, tree view, and JSON view.

NoSQL Manager


Cluster control- MongoDB GUI Tool

ClusterControl is another MongoDB tool with GUI to manage Database infrastructure. It is also available in two versions- community and enterprise. Needless to say, the ClusterControl community edition is free to use whereas the enterprise is paid. It is not only limited to MongoDB but also supports MySQL, MySQL Replication, MySQL NDB Cluster, Galera Cluster, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, Docker, and ProxySQL.

ClusterControl provides fully automated security to database infrastructure that has a single graphical user interface single interface to operate and automate MongoDB and MySQL database environments. It is available for Linux platforms (RedHat, Centos, Ubuntu, or Debian-based) by providing repo via YUM/APT.

Cluster control- Open Source Database Management System

  • Query monitor
  • Multi-DB Support
  • Fully Integrated CLI
  • Monitoring & Advisors
  • Database Deployment
  • Cluster/Replication
  • Good documentation

Download ClusterControl community edition


Nosqlclient is a free and open-source MongoDB Management tool with a web-based GUI that means no more command line chaos to manage databases. We can insert, delete or update data in MongoDB using Nosqlclient without using queries. It is available as a Desktop app, for Docker, and as a web app. The web provides a browser-based interface to MongoDB using HTTP.

nosqlclient MongoDB web interface


  • SSH support
  • Unique querying style
  • Live monitoring
  • Mongodb shell
  • X509, LDAP, GSSAPI
  • Data import/export
  • Use extended JSON in place of BSON
  • In-place update
  • User management
  • Index management
  • Schema analyzer
  • Autocomplete
  • File management

Download Nosqlclient for MongoDB


Navicat for MongoDB

Navicat is a commercial database management tool that is relatively affordable as compared to other popular paid tools in the same category It is developed to manage different databases using a graphical user interface rather command line which ultimately reduces the intricacies of database system administration. It has been designed to address different sorts of people in the industry such as administrators, developers, and small and medium-sized businesses.

Navicat for MongoDB

It offers a single premium package called Navicat Premium, comprises capabilities to connect all popular database systems such as MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQL. However, if someone wants to access and control some particular type of database then individual application packages are also available such as Navicat for MongoDB which makes this Database management tool affordable for everyone.

It is available in trial version for 14 days, thus if you like then buy otherwise you can ponder upon other options given in this list.

Download Navicat for MongoDB


Robo 3T MongoDB GUI Tool

The next MongoDB interface tool with GUI is Robo 3T which is maintained and provided by the developers of MongoDB client Studio 3T (paid one with 30 days trial). Formerly, Robo 3T is known as Robomongo. It is also a cross-platform MongoDB GUI management tool available for Windows, macOS and Linux.  It has the same engine and environment that is a part of the MongoDB shell (3.2).

Robo 3T or robomong visual tool helping you manage Database

Robomongo core features:

  • Native and cross-platform MongoDB manager
  • Easy to handle interface
  • Lightweight MongoDB GUI provider
  • Less consumption of system resources
  • Visual tool helping you manage Database
  • Has embedded real MongoDB shell
  • Real auto-completion
  • Support for importing from MongoDB SRV connection strings
  • Support for SCRAM-SHA-256 auth mechanism
  • Create/Edit/View User
  • Supported cloud platforms are MongoDB Atlas, Compose, mLab, ObjectRocket, ScaleGrid, Amazon EC2

Download Robo 3T


Studio 3T MongoDB GUI Tool

Above mentioned Robomong which was acquired by 3T and renamed as Robot 3T; a part of Studio 3T now. So, what is Studio 3T? Like other mentioned MongoDB admin UI tools, the Studio 3T is also a GUI interface provider tool to manage databases but in the paid category. However, 30 days free trial version of this tool lets the users use and understand its feature before investing money into it. As compared to the free & open source Robot 3T, the Studio 3T has more features and provides enterprise support. Same as Robo 3T, it is also available for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu & CentOS), and macOS.

Studio 3T Features

  • Build queries via drag-and-drop
  • In-Place Data Editing
  • Table, Tree & JSON View
  • Aggregation Editor
  • Visual Explain
  • Tasks and ask Scheduler
  • SQL to MongoDB Migration
  • Query Code, SQL Query, SQL Import/Export
  • LDAP & Kerberos Authentication
  • Import from Oracle
  • Import / Export Wizard
  • Color-Coded Connections
  • Read-Only Lock, Data Compare & Sync
  • Schema Explorer
  • Server Status Charts, Map-Reduce, and GridFS Support
  • HotKeys
  • Compatible to MongoDB 4.0
  • And more…

Free Trial version of Studio3T


Mongo Management Studio

Mongo Management Studio is a freemium MongoDB GUI tool for database management. It is light and has a clean interface to ease the development of MongoDB-based projects. It developed using nodeJs, Electron framework, MongoDB and AngularJs. MMS is compatible to MongoDB 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.4.

Like all above MongoDB management tools, the user can easily install it, however, the free version is only available for Windows; whereas the enterprise and personal are for Linux, Windows and macOS. The Enterprise version (webserver) supports MongoDB web interface HTTP GUI, means we can install on our main server and after that can be accessed on any system using browser locally or remotely. However, the Personal and free version can only be used on the local system where they have been installed.

Mongo Management Studio is a free MongoDB GUI tool for database management.

Mongo Management Studio Features (Free version)

  • UI Index Management
  • Replica-Set Support
  • CRUD Operations
  • MongoDB 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.4 compatible
  • MongoDB Authentication
  • GridFS Support (read-only)
  • Inline-Edit, Multiupdate and Save Queries
  • SSL Connections
  • Detailed Documentation

Download MMS (free edition windows only)


Aqua Data Studio Mongo GUI tool

It is a universal integrated development environment (IDE) for Database Developers for relational, NoSQL, and cloud platforms. Thus, supports a variety of Databases to develop, access, manage, and visually analyze data.

For MongoDB, the Aqua Data Studio work as a management tool using Graphical User Interface with administration and database query capabilities. The Visual interface of the Aqua Data studio allows the user to browse and modify database structures, including schema objects and collections, as well as maintain database security.

Aqua Data Studio management tool for the MongoDB

It provides a MongoDB Database Toolkit that comprises a wide range of tools such as Visual Analytics, MongoSQL Query Reference, MongoJS Query Analyzer, MongoShell MongoShell, FluidShell, Query & Analysis Tool, Grid and Pivot Charts, Table Data Editor, Import & Export Tools, Entity Relationship Modeler; Visual Query Builder; Compare Tools: Schema Compare, File Compare; SQL History, Open API Scripting Environment, Integrated Secure Shell (SSH) and Version Control: Subversion (SVN), Git, CVS, Perforce.

The MongoJS Query Analyzer Javascript editor allows to execute JavaScript commands and supports autocompletion and syntax highlighting. The result can be seen in a tree hierarchy, grid results, and text.

Being a paid product the Aqua Data Studio comes as a trial version for 14 days with all enterprise features. So, if you are looking for some paid product then you can try it free of cost before spending bucks. It is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Download the Free trial version of MongoDB GUI tool Aqua Studio from here.


Few other available open-source MongoDB web interface (GUI) provider tools:

phpMoAdmin- MongoDB GUI administration tool for PHP

It sounds like phpMyAdmin tool which meant for MySQL, however, phpMoAdmin is also PHP written but for MongoDB. It is based on Vork PHP framework. Lightweight and easy to install. It is just 115KB moadmin.php file in size that the user can place anywhere on-site to start working.


phpMoAdmin Features:

  • Database: List with data sizes, Create/drop, Repair/compact
  • Show list of collections with a number of objects within each
  • Single smart-search box accepts: exact-text, (type-casted) value, JSON (with Mongo-operators enabled)
  • Mongo GridFS
  • GridFS objects automatically link GridFS chunks to GridFS files
  • MongoDB stats: Uptime, memory, etc., Log of previous errors, Mongo-PHP settings
  • And more…



Mongotron-  Opensource

It is a cross-platform MongoDB management tool published under Open Source license and built using Electron framework and Angular JS. Available at GitHub.



So long we only have been talked about Windows, Linux and MacOS MongoDB management client, so users those are looking for smartphone and tablet mongoDB management can try Mongolime. It provides MongoDB mobile client to easily connect and access MongoDB servers.

It has built-in SSH tunnel to authenticate and connect remote server easily over SSL. MongoLime is freemium MongoDB client app supports iOS and Android platforms.

  • Viewing and managing documents.
  • Create and modify documents
  • Search for documents using a query builder.
  • Export Databases and Collections in a JSON format as a ZIP archive.



Web-based MongoDB admin interface written with Node.js, Express and Bootstrap3. It allows connecting multiple databases; View/add/delete databases, collections and documents; Preview audio/video/image assets; GridFS support – add/get/delete incredibly large files; Use BSON data types in documents, Mobile / Responsive – Bootstrap  and features more… To download and know about its feature more visit this link.



Which MongoDB GUI is Best?

Note that all of these products are provided with free and commercial versions. If you are a single developer or a freelancer, we believe the free versions will be enough for you. However, if you are more than a single developer, e.g. For example, if two of you are working on large projects, we strongly recommend that you go for commercial versions. That will pay off well in the end. Most of these products also offer a trial period for paid versions. You can use it to find out whether the product meets your expectations. In the end, it all boils down to your needs in terms of budget, usage needs, team members, number of features, etc.


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