Top 10 Subtitles Download Websites of 2021 | Free

Download your favorite movie or TV series subtitles in popular languages such as English from the best available subtitle website of 2021.

Subtitles are the text showcased at the bottom of the cinema or TV screen usually used to translate the dialogues, narratives, etc of the ongoing movie, serial, or any video. It is not only confined here, it is also applicable to video games, and other related stuff. It is mostly in a different language but it can also be in the same language. This helps us to understand a foreign language movie, serial, game, etc, and also learn that language to a nice extent and get familiar with new and innovative things.

Below is the list of best subtitles download sites both free (open source) and paid ones.

Best Subtitles Download Websites for free – 2021

1. OpenSubtitles

It is one of the best Subtitles Download websites out there. The interface is quite friendly and one can easily get used to it after a few usages. It has a lot of features in store for us, let us have a glance.


  1. In the search box, you can search for your favorite English movie or serial.
  2. In the movie category, it consists of options like – latest movies, trending movies, top-rated movies, and much more.
  3. It also boasts of the latest and most sought out TV serials.
  4. You can also search for your favorite video games here.
  5. It supports multiple foreign languages, ranging from – Spanish, Polish, Italian, English, and so on.
  6. It is customizable to a good extent.


2. Subscene

One of the most searched sites on the internet to download subtitles for movies and TV series, you can rely on it to get your job done. It features movies, TV series, music videos, etc. It boasts of the latest content and the site keeps on updating.


  1. The search box makes it simple and easy to search for movies, TV series, music videos, etc.
  2. The interface is simple and easy.
  3. Multiple languages are supported, like – Arabic, English, Indonesian, Persian, Brazilian, and much more.
  4. You can customize and tweak the settings here.


3. YIFY Subtitles download website

YIFY Subtitles is one of the most popular websites to get subtitles available out there. It comes packed with a lot of content and it also displays the launch year, duration, and ratings of the movie. The interface is both fancy and simple at the same time.


  1. It displays the brief intro of every movie.
  2. It comes loaded with a wide genre of movies, like – Action, Horror, Crime, Sci-Fi, Romance, Mystery, etc to name a few.
  3. You get subtitles in many languages, ranging from – English, Korean, Turkish, Serbian, Bulgarian, and many more.


4. Podnapisi

Podnapisi is another trending website to download subtitles. The first thing that will strike you once you log in to this site is the already arranged columns like – ‘most downloaded subtitles’, ‘most rated subtitles’, etc. This feature makes it easier for most of us to easily select the stuff we want.


  1. You can search for movies using keywords, year, movie type, and for episodes using seasons, episode type, etc.
  2. It boasts of a lot of content and this site keeps on updating new content.
  3. You can have a glance at the subtitles before you download them.
  4. It supports multiple languages for subtitles download.


5. Subs4free website

From Subs4free is a recommended website to get subtitles for movies, TV Series, Games, etc here and the content is frequently updated. The interface is somewhat classic but it is simple.


  1. The Movies category is further divided according to ratings, up coming, previous, etc.
  2. It displays the brief intro of the movie, TV series, games, etc along with the cast name and other relevant details.
  3. English and Greek languages are supported here.
  4. The search box enables you to seamlessly search for your favorite movies, shows, etc.


6. English Subtitles

Another free website on the list is English Subtitles. You can download both movies and TV Series subtitles from this site. The user interface is simple and easy.


  1. It comes packed with a lot of movies and TV Series.
  2. You can download subtitles in English here.
  3. The content is arranged accurately for you.


7. Subdl

Well, if you haven’t found the required subtitle in any of the above-given websites then try out Subdl. Its search box makes it easier for us to navigate and browse movies and the simple interface just makes everything easy and fun.


  1. It comes loaded with a lot of movies.
  2. It has a popular movie option in the menu bar and it helps you to browse through a lot of super hit movies.
  3. It showcases the brief intro, certified ratings, etc before you proceed to download.
  4. Multiple languages are supported here, like – English, Arabic, Danish, Burmese, Persian, etc.


8. BollyNook

As the name suggests, this Subtitle website is especially dedicated to Bollywood movies and it is quite popular owing to the popularity of Bollywood movies, mostly in India. The interface will not puzzle you as it is quite simple and easy.


  1. You can search for your favorite movies in the search box with ease.
  2. It boasts of a lot of movies.
  3. It also enables you to download the subtitles for Bollywood songs.
  4. It also provides you with deep details regarding your favorite Bollywood actors and actresses.



It is a common website for downloading movie subtitles. It comes loaded with tons of movies for you to enjoy. The interface is quite simple and you will not have issues after a few days’ usages.


  1. It has arranged the categories of movies in the A-Z pattern to make it easier for you to search.
  2. You can also simply search for your favorite movies using relevant keywords in the search box.
  3. Multiple languages are supported here.



  • What is a Subtitle?

In simple words, a subtitle is a text that is displayed beneath the screen of a cinema or TV while a movie, TV show, or video game is being played.

  • What is the use of subtitles?

Well, it is quite helpful if people do not understand the language of a movie or a particular video, then using subtitles, they can understand the entire staff, and in the meantime, they can also get familiar with the foreign language and its culture.

  • Where can I download subtitles?

You can download subtitles from several subtitles downloading websites, like – Subs4free, Subscene, YIFY Subtitles to name a few.

  • How do I download subtitles from a website?

You can simply search for your favorite movies by entering the keywords in the search box or by browsing through the predesigned wide variety of genres.

  • Which is the best subtitle downloading website?

There are many subtitle downloading websites, and you might have got the answer to this question after going through this article.

  • Can I download subtitles for a movie?

Yes, you can download by simply going to any of the mentioned sites in this article and then entering relevant keywords in the search box.


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