Windows 10: Notepad with first major feature update in years

At Microsoft, one has heard the requests of many users now and for the first time in years, the program “Notepad”, which has been on the record since time immemorial, tidies up. The simple text editor is not one of the really big applications from  Microsoft- but its updates has suddenly been missing in a new version of Windows. There are a lot of users who use Notepad regularly or at larger intervals but appreciate the simple program. Whether it’s a question of changing a small text file or viewing a log file, the application offers a slim alternative to the powerful tools for working with relevant content.

And after Microsoft has not really touched the app for years, apart from minor maintenance, the scope of the new features added is quite remarkable. For the first time, these are in the most recent build 17713 included and will come to the fall with the next major Windows update to all users. Due to the size of the changes and the importance of the small tool for many users, the innovation should not be lost in the normal release notes.

NOtepad updates
Search & Replace

One of the most important changes in Notepad is the much-improved handling of large files. The developers have screwed here to the substructure, in order to improve the performance in such cases significantly. And it should also be extremely helpful that Notepad finally gets an improved search-and-replace function.

Another request of many users concerned the support of Ctrl-Backspace. Now it is also possible in Notepad, with the key combination with a stop equal to delete the whole previous word. A tagged term can now also be searched directly with Bing via the context menu. In addition, you can zoom the displayed text with Ctrl + Plus and Ctrl + Minus larger or smaller.

Text xooming in Notepad
Zooming text

In addition, the Microsoft developers finally made Notepad fit for users working in heterogeneous work environments. The editor now finally supports the line breaks of Unix / Linux systems (LF) and Macs (CR). If automatic word wrapping is selected in the display options, the status line automatically appears, informing you which line is real.
Notepad-Display of lines and characters
Notepad-Display of lines and characters