What is Vysor? Control your Android on your computer

The Vysor app allows users to view and control their Android smartphone directly from a PC or laptop. They can use it to use apps, play games and control whole Android OS with the help of mouse and keyboard. Go wireless, and mirror your Android to your desktop; great for presentations.

Remote sharing i.e. accessing other devices through your device is a practice that is carried out by every troubleshooting engineer out there. For carrying out fast and efficient remote access these engineers use many tools that are either the third party or built by the company within. Some common remote accessing tools include Anydesk, Log Me in Rescue, Team Viewer, etc. These are the ones which help in accessing one’s computer or phone through different computers. What if there is a device that can create a virtual phone that we are using on your computer and then we can access the same???

Yes, it is possible with this amazing tool called Vysor. This tool is a Chrome extension that we need to download in both the computer and mobile to create a virtual mobile environment on the pc. This device is very much user friendly in nature and can be easily downloaded through Playstore for mobile and through its website for pc. This application helps in replicating your mobile device on your computer with much ease than other applications. Being a chrome extension, data protection related issues are also handled within this app.

Some cool features of Vysor application are given here:

  • It helps in remote access: This device like all other remote accessing devices lets you connect your mobile with your pc. The connection with the pc is mainly made by connecting a USB cable.
  • Helps in running mobile apps in computer: With the help of this application Android App developers can easily test their application live on their mobile phones. This is a very cool feature that this application provides. So, in whichever pc you made an app, you can directly test it on your phone with Vysor.
  • Helps gamers to play Android games in pc: As discussed that this app lets you run any application on your computer so, you can play n number of games with the help of this application. People who find it difficult to play games on small screens, Vysor is the right app for them.
  • Lightweight: Being a chrome extension this application is very light in terms of occupying space in the system so there is no slowing down or performance lag because of this application.
  • Easily installable: Because of a chrome extension, this application is very easy to install on your system. The installation steps are also very less as compared to other applications.
  • Graphics quality is very good: Many people complain regarding the graphics lag when remotely accessing a device and it is true if we look at many real-world applications out there. But, with the help of Vysor, this problem gets eliminated as it provides the same quality as we view on our mobile phones.
  • Very good for showing demonstrations of applications built: It is a very good tool for showing demonstrations of the applications that we have created on our computer to the client and impress him.
  • It comes in two versions: There are two versions of Vysor paid and unpaid as is the case with many applications out there but, the charge is very nominal i.e. $2.5/month, $10/year, and $40/lifetime for the application if you want to go with the paid version.

Some other applications that are similar to Vysor

  • Mobizen
  • Copy Trans
  • iExplorer
  • Wondershare TunesGo
  • My Mobile


If you are a mobile application developer, gamer, tech-savvy personnel who loves cool kinds of stuff, want easy accessibility of your mobile on your computer then Vysor is the right application for you. Avail the benefits of this amazing application and build your virtual phone on your pc.

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