Dopamine audio player open source software review

Dopamine is a free and open source audio player that uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1, however, it is only available for Windows, not Linux.

We all know that there are millions of software out there for us. And believe me, each and every software is just amazing and has something special to offer. So, today, I have come up with a review of this software called – Dopamine, a music player that all of you can enjoy. So, without any further delay let me quickly start this discussion.

First of all, let me explain to you the step by step guide on how to install it, and after that, we will be discussing its review. 

You can directly download the installer of Open source Dopamine music player from its official GitHub website page by clicking on the following link windows after your download is complete, then you need to complete the Dopamine Setup just like any other Windows software; you can see the following the simple on-screen instructions.

Dopamine Setup
Open source Dopamine Audio Player Setup

Select Dopamine language
Select Dopamine language

Then, the setup will ask you to choose a specific folder to install this software, and yes you have the liberty to choose any of your drives; yes it will work properly in any one of them. Once the installation is finished, you can select the language with which you want to interact with it. And then you can also customise the background and the colour as per your choice, and finally, go on to select the music folder, so that this software is completely geared up with all your songs once you finally launch it.

customize the background and the colour
Customize the background and the colour

Therefore, this was the simple and easy process of installing it, and now let me share my review with you. This software is very simple and easy to use and it is the biggest thumbs up and yes you will be completely amazed by its simplicity and cool environment. It is completely free and comes with no hidden costs. I know that there are quite an ample number of advanced music players available, but if you are not that much into modern and advanced tuning and other playback options, and just want to enjoy music in the simplest and the best way possible with no hidden costs or advertisements, then this one is definitely for you.

Dopamine music player interface
Dopamine music player interface

It does support many of the popular and common formats of audio files and almost most of the audio files in your stock are sure to run on this beauty. It includes all the features like – Artists, Genres, Albums, Songs, Playlist, Frequent, and much more.

You can also keep all your favourite songs in one place so that you can easily start listening to them with just one click, and all your recent music downloads can also be viewed by you. All the songs played by you recently would come up in the Frequent category. Furthermore, you can also create your own playlists and then enjoy them whenever you want to. 

Dopamine audio player review
Dopamine audio player review

Well, as of now you must have understood in brief about this software, but now let me highlight some of the things in which its magic won’t work. In case you happen to lose any of your albums, then though you can find and replace them using the help of files stored on your gadget. But, the irony here is that the very same operation cannot be performed automatically by this music player itself. And again one more major drawback is that there is no option for modifying or updating metadata, which simply means that you must get everything accurately labelled with the correct genre, name of the artist, and any other major information before you import your music tracks.

So, if you happen to have a very large and big music library, then this problem might bother you in little or big ways. But again, as technology is also ready with solutions before a problem arises, the same is the case here, with the help of tool- MusicBrainz Picard, you can get rid of this problem to a large extent and enjoy with this music player even if you happen to have a messy big music library. 

Thus, I can sum up my Dopamine audio player review with the following set of pros and cons:


  • You get a very easy setup process.
  • You get timely automatic updates.
  • The interface is very user friendly and simple.
  • It is completely free.


  • You will not be able to search the metadata automatically. 

Therefore, this was all for this article, I hope you might have found it useful.

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  1. Dopamine is an excellent software for music lovers. I kept all my music collection on an external Disk and selected it with Dopamine on my Desktop. The end result is the greatest of all music listening experiences. It takes the singer pictures, gives lyrics taking from the internet, gives background material on the singer or group. In all, I give 10 out of 10 marks to this great software, which surprisingly just free, yes really free and no advertisements too.


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