Trending Social Media Apps of 2020 in India

All of us are very aware of the fact that social media is perhaps one of the most powerful and entertaining tools in the world right now, and its popularity and craze needs no mention. Can we even imagine a day without social media? The answer is that it is really difficult to imagine, and if we have to live without it, then most of the people are to goi into depression. So, today, I am here with the most sought after social media apps in India in 2020. Therefore, without any further talk, let me quickly get into the point.

  1.  Instagram

Well, almost each and every one of us has an account in it, and we love to share our little or big stuff here every day. The interface is also very user friendly and is loved and liked by most of the users.

You can do a lot of things in it, you can share your photos, videos, and more. It also has the option using which you can put your status for a period of twenty-four hours after which it disappears automatically. You can chat with all your near and dear ones and remain connected with all your family and friends every time.

Instagram Social media app-min

In case you wish to upload longer videos, then you can also do the same with the help of Instagram TV (IGTV). In the settings, you have the liberty to keep your profile either public or secret, and if you keep your profile secret, then no one can connect to you unless you approve him/her. And yes, while being on it, you can also follow all your favourite celebs or any other public figure as they frequently share their pics and videos on it.

Moreover, if you are still not the part of the Insta family, then you should become one right now, as the one billion-plus family is just waiting to welcome you.

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  1. Twitter

It also needs no introduction, as the name is very much familiar among masses. All you need to do is create your profile and then become a part of this wonderful world. You can tweet, retweet, comment, share., like, and so on, and yes you are free to share your opinions and showcase them in front of the world.

You can follow all your favourite celebrities, politicians, and many more. And then, always remain connected with them by means of their tweets, it is also somewhat of a virtual newsroom, where all the big and small news are elaborated further and then long debates follow.

Twitter popular social media app in India-min

But anyhow, it is a fantastic platform, where you can remain connected with the globe and also build your own profile and share your big and small stuff with the virtual world. With over five hundred million users, this is one of the most favourite and popular apps of its category and only waiting to be mauled by you.

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  1. Whatsapp Messenger

Everyone will agree with me on the fact that this app is by far one of the most popular social media apps in India and favourite one among the masses and each and every one of us are either using it now or have used it at least once in our lifetime.

This app has completely changed the way of sending messages across the globe. You can send videos, pictures, documents and files, audio files and also receive the same with it. Moreover, you can also make audio and video calls with all your near and dear ones with this app using the internet, and without spending a single penny.

WhatsApp Messenger-min

Furthermore, you can make group video calls, make or join various Whatsapp groups. So that a large group of people can remain connected at the same time. Moreover, with the help of WhatsApp Web, you can also access this app via computer or laptop, and it is indeed praiseworthy. And yes, there is no separate charge for international voice or video call or chat, all you need to have is this app and an internet connection. And if you are still not its part, then here is your time to become part of the roughly five billion strong families.

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  1. Facebook

One more beauty in our kitty and this one is just superb, as this app bought a historic revolution right from the day it was launched. You can remain in touch with all your friends, family members at any time of the day or night. You can upload photos, videos for all your friends to see and praise, and get likes and comments for the same.

It is a kind of your digital album, where all your memories are recorded for you to cherish for a lifetime. Moreover, you can also like and keep a sharp eye on all your favourite personalities, ranging from politicians, actors, sports stars, and so on, as almost each and every one of them is present on this iconic platform.

Facebook app-min

Furthermore, you can also do a lot of other stuff like – find and be part of social events, play online games with your friends, watch live videos of all your friends, and so on. Last but not least, if you are not yet the member of this 5 billion powerful family, then become asap.

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  1. Snapchat

This app has gained a lot of popularity in India, and I guess a lot of readers are its proud users. Its popularity can be proved by the fact that it is downloaded over one billion times. One of the most astonishing features of this app is that it opens the camera in no time you open this app so that you can quickly take your snap and share it immediately. And in case, keep holding it, then you can make your video and then finally share it.

Snapchat top socila media app in India-min

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of filters to enhance the quality of your photos before sharing them. The cool thing about the same is that you can even create your own filters and then add them to your pictures or videos. When it comes to chatting, this app has got a lot to offer, you can video chat with a group of 16 people at the same time, isn’t that crazy?

Yes, it is indeed. And yes, you can also use filters while on a video chat to add more colours to your char, the normal chat is also supported and you can go ahead with it also.

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  1. Telegram

A Russian app in the market dominated by America. Well, let us find out what social media app or rather I say a messenger has to offer to us in India?

This app is not behind, though it is still far behind in popularity when compared with its counterparts, it has definitely made its name and is moving ahead at a very rapid rate. With over five hundred million users and twenty thousand stickers, this app is here to keep you entertained.

Telegram social chatting app-min

It is also one of the fastest apps when it comes to chatting, as all your messages reach quite quickly as compared to other such apps. And, it also offers you good security, as a strong array of  256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange ensure that almost each and every stuff of yours on this app, including – chats, media files, and so on remain secured in the best possible way.

Moreover, you can send all the media files without any specific limit, and to your surprise, all your chat will not acquire any place in your disk storage rather it will be stored in the cloud of telegram. Overall, it is a fun-filled, fast and secure social media app to blow your mind.

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  1. Pinterest

It is again one of the most popular fast-expanding such apps in our article. It comes loaded with a lot of things for you. If you happen to be in search of out of the box solutions to your rather out of the world problems, then this app is right for you.

It has almost everything, like – home design ideas, adventure travel and sports, suggestions on health, fitness, and fashion, tips on cooking, motivational and inspirational quotes on lifestyle and so on.


You are sure to find a plethora of articles for all your problems and this app boasts of having over one hundred billion ideas and solutions altogether.

So, it is indeed nice that you can count on it for all your problems and queries and when you find the solution then also suggest the same for others also. 

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  1. YouTube

If we happen to be discussing the best social media apps in India, then how can we leave this masterpiece behind?

Well, the favourite portal for watching and live streaming videos is here. You can make your own channel in it and then start your journey from zero to hero, like many of the famous YouTubers have done before.

Furthermore, it is an excellent platform to share all your thoughts and feelings with the world. And yes, it is also the hotspot for many people, like – it is the favourite destination for all the students, as almost all the online coaching institutes teach on this very platform, and then it is again the favourite place for all the music lovers out there, as you are sure to find each and every music videos in it, and so on. See: 20 useful steps need to follow to be a YouTuber


You can also find almost each and every solution to all your queries from it and view videos related to almost everything possible. Therefore, if you are yet to be a part of this 5 billion strong YouTube family, then you must join it now.

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Thus, these are the eight best social media apps of India in 2020, and I guess most of you might be having the majority of them or even all of these apps in your smartphone. And if anyone of you is yet to have them, then you should definitely download them and start the party.

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