How to start firefox in safe-mode with command prompt?

Learn the command to run Mozilla FirFox in Safe mode using the Command prompt on Windows 11 or 10 operating systems.

Safe mode or Troubleshoot Mode in the Mozilla FireFox browser allows users to diagnose some problems they are facing while surfing the internet. In safe mode, the browser disables extensions and customizations; in this way, individual add-ons can be edited or uninstalled that lead to problems.

1. Open Command Prompt

Go to Windows search box and there type prompt, as its icon appears, click to run the command prompt.

Open Command Prompt


2. Start FireFox in Safe Mode

Once you are on the Prompt, we can use the command that can start the Mozilla FireFox in Safe mode, here is that.

Simply copy-paste it.

start firefox -safe-mode


3. Open the browser’s Safe mode

As you run the command, the FireFox dialogue box will appear, saying “Use this Special mode of FireFox to diagnose issues, You extensions and customizations will be temporarily disabled.” So, to get the Safe mode, click on the Open button.

Command to open firefox in Safe mode


4. How to Exit FireFox Safe mode

Once you are finished with the task for what you required the Safe mode, simply close safe mode browser session, inshort close the firefox and this will shut the Safe mode as well.


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