How to Trim a Video in YouTube studio?

To trim a video, there are dozens of tools available to use offline and online. However, if you have uploaded your video to YouTube and later want to trim some sections of it then use YouTube Studio (Windows/Linux/macOS/Android).

What is YouTube Studio?

Youtube offers a tool to its content creators known as YT studio. It is an online tool to manage all videos that have been uploaded to a Youtube channel. Youtube studio includes various features such as editing uploaded videos and shorts; options to customize the channel; analytics to monitor users, their retention, monetization, and more…

Apart from this, we can use Youtube Studio to manage the live stream function on Youtube. We can have insight into the subscribers and the option to respond or delete comments.

Note: Online Trimming feature on Youtube studio is available for videos shorter than six hours. For long videos, this option would not be there. Also, for those who have not joined the YouTube Partner Program but want to edit a video that has more than one hundred thousand views, to them, only the Face Blur option would be available.

Steps to trim a video using YouTube Studio

Follow the given steps to split out some parts of your existing Youtube videos.

1. log in to Youtube Studio

First of all, we need to access this Google tool. For that login to Youtube Studio (click the link) using Google Account that was used to create your Youtube Channel. Note: Your Gmail ID is your Google Account ID.

2. Select Video to Trim

Once you are logged in, go to the Content section. For that click on the Content option given on the left side of your Youtube Studio.

After that, you will see all your videos listed there. Go to the video that you want to trim and hover your mouse on it. You will see a Pencil icon there, click that to open the Edit section for the Video.

Select youtube video to edit

3. Open Youtube Studio Editor

Once you are in the Editing section, select the Editor menu given on the left side panel. As you click on it all the Video Editor options of Youtube Studio will appear.

Youtube studio video editor Trim option

4. Select Trim and Cut

Now, go to the editor’s Tools list and select the Trim & Cut option. This will take us to another editing section where we need to click on the New Cut option.

New Cut in YT studio

As you click on the New Cut, a red color layer will appear on the Timeline. Now, drag that to adjust it for the section of your YouTube video that you want to Trim.

Trim and cut in Youtube Studio editor

5. Save the Video

Once you are done with trimming, click on the Tick icon. You can repeat this process to Trim out multiple sections of the video using the Youtube Studio editor.

Save the Trim section in Video editor

To Apply the changes you have made click on the Save button. Remember once saved, you cannot reverse the process.

Save the edit video in YT studio


Does Google charge for YouTube Studio?

The Youtube Studio tools and its Video editor are free of cost and Google will not charge anything from the users of the Youtube Channel to use it. All the tools are cloud-based.

Where can I find Youtube Studio?

To access the Youtube Studio, log in to Youtube and click on the profile picture given on the right top side. There, from a pop-up menu select Youtube Studio. Alternatively, you can directly type in your browser’s URL bar. Whereas the smartphone user can use the YT studio app on Android or iOS.

How do you trim a YouTube video that isn’t yours?

We cannot trim anyone else’s video available on YouTube using YT Studio. If you want to Trim and cut someone else’s video available on YouTube then first we have to manually download it and then Trim either by re-uploading it to your own Youtube channel or using any third-party online or offline software.