How to install Microsoft Edge browser on Linux

Install Microsoft Edge browser on Linux Redhat ubuntu or Debian

Microsoft Edge based on Chromium and out-of-the-box browser for Windows 10 latest versions is also available for Linux users as well. Therefore, it is a cross-platform browser application that is not available for desktop users but also for smartphones. Here we let you know how …

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How to install Dropbox headless on CentOS 8 Server

dropBox headless system service Centos

Learn the steps to install Dropbox headless on CentOS 8 Linux server using a command-line interface for syncing files between server and cloud storage. Dropbox is a popular cloud service that offers its client application for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS to sync files …

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How to install memcahed on CentOS 8 Linux

Check PHP Memcache support

Memcached is a high-performance open-source cache server for easy storage and retrieval of data from the main memory. Memcached is often used in connection with web applications to improve their performance by proving object cache. In the standard configuration, Memcached listens on port 11211 / …

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Reset CentOS 8/RHEL 8 forgot root password

Change forgotten Redhat or centos 8 Password min

CentOS 8 is widely used by users to set up various server environments, thus a strong password is needed. However, somehow, if you forget the root password then the only way to get access to it is by resetting. In this tutorial, we will show …

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How to install KDE Plasma 5 GUI on CentOS 8 Linux

KDE plasma installation CentOS 8 Linux server

KDE Plasma is the desktop environment for Linux offered by the KDE development team. It is quite popular because of its effects and beautiful graphical elements along with a huge range of applications. Earlier Plasma was the default graphical user interface for CentOS but with …

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