Install Guest Additions CD image on Linux Mint 20 Unalaya

Time Needed : 2 minutes

Linux Mint 20 is finally here and if you are planning to install it on Virtual Box then go and try it. However, after installing it one thing which will not seem good is the screen resolution. By default, the Mint 20 will not adapt the resolution of your host display via a virtual box. Thus, for that, we need to install the Guest Additions tool over it. The process is very simple just follow the below steps to enable VirtualBox Guest Additions Tools on Linux Mint 20 Unalaya

  1. Run VirtualBox

    The first thing is to start the VirtualBox on whatever operating system you have installed. It could be Windows 10, Ubuntu, macOS, or any other OS. However, the interface and usage will be the same for all.

    Run Virtualbox

  2. Start installed Linux Mint 20 Unalaya

    From the left side panel of the Virtual Box, select your Mint 20 created VM and click on the Start button.

    Run Virtualbox linux mint 20 unalaya

  3. Install Guest Additions CD image…

    From the VirtualBox menu, click on the Device option and then select the “Install Guest Additions CD” from the drop-down box.

    Install Guest Additions CD image

  4. Run VBox_GAs setup

    The moment you perform the above step a pop-up will appear, click on the Run button to start the further process.

    Vbox GAS run

  5. Give non- root user password

    The setup the Guest Additions, the setup needs the permission of the user. Thus, it will ask you to enter the password of your Linux Mint 20 users. Give that and press Authenticate.

    Enter non root user password

  6. Script started

    The command terminal will get opened and start the VirtualBox Guest additions tool script which will take few minutes to get installed. Once done, simply press the ENTER key to exit it the shell.

    VirtualBox Guest Addtions instalaltion on Terminal

  7. Restart Linux Mint 20

    Everything is done, to get the host system compatible interface just restart the Virtual Box installed Linux mint. If you want the can do it directly by click on Machine->Reset option from the VBox menu. After that, as you use the mouse to expand the VirtualBox Window, the screen resolution of Linux mint also adapts it automatically.

    Linux Mint 20 with host screen resolution

  • VirtualBox software
  • Linux Mint 20 Distro

So, this was the quick way to easily get VBOX guest tool on the installed guest operating system.

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