KDE neon 22.04 ISO is available to download

KDE Plasma Linux distro project KDE Neon has been updated from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy. Hence, the new version of KDE Plasma 22.04 user edition is available in ISO image format to download.

For those who have not used KDE Neon, yet, it is a Linux based on popular Ubuntu LTS editions. For Desktop environment UI, it comes with the latest and stable KDE Plasma version plus additional software package sources. If you switch to KDE neon 22.04, you will benefit from new packages from the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS basis plus the latest KDE Plasma 5.26 version.

Fresh images are ready. Anyone who is already using KDE neon with Ubuntu 20.04 basis can now switch to the latest version with 22.04 basis. The update is actively offered by Discover. However, some time should be planned for the update.

KDE neon 22.04 ISO is availble to download

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