Krita FAQ: Open-source digital painting and drawing tool

Krita which looks like Adobe Photoshop can be used to create various kinds of digital paintings and drawings. However, we can consider it as one of the best alternatives to Photoshop but not a complete replacement instead, a software that is free and can be used to get ultimate results. It comes with color managements, brushes engines, numerous filters, and is aimed primarily at artists, digital artists, and illustrators. 

What is Krita software?

It is a software that allows users to create attractive paintings, sketches, and other graphics. You can also use it to create Comics and Manga characters.

Is Krita free or paid?

Krita is free and open-source, thus absolutely free to download and distribute over the internet. The project uses a GPL v3 license, hence, the source code is also available for further modification or developing completely new Image software based on it.

Can Beginners use Krita for Paintings?

Yes, Krita is good for beginners to create digital paintings because of a wide range of tools for designing, sketching including various types of brushes available on it. Also, the online tutorial, community, and documentation make it easier for new users to learn how to use Krita. Furthermore, being a free project you don’t have to pay for it, anything.

Does Krita have a Virus?

Absolutely NO, it is a clean software that is available free of cost because of the community support of developers. With their continuous efforts, we are able to use this painting program up to date. Thus, it is free from any kind of malware, Trojan, spyware, or any other type of computer virus.

Is Krita better than Photoshop?

No, we cannot consider Krita better than Photoshop, because it has a dedicated purpose of creating paintings whereas Photoshop is a whole package to edit images and digital graphics. However, one can use both to create something outstanding.
Can we use it to edit images?

Well, Krita is dedicated to creating digital paintings, thus editing images would not feasible on it, however, if you are looking for free and open-source software for image editing then use GIMP, Darketable, or rawtherapee. See this article to know more about opensource image editing tools.

How does Krita make money?

In short, Krita makes money from the different kinds of channels such as Individual donations, crowd-funding campaigns, Patreon, Krita Development Fund, Selling training DVDs and merchandise, Development Fund, making it paid for some platforms such as Windows Store & Steam; and few others ways to earn some money to support this project.

How much space does Krita take?

The total hard disk space it consumes after installation is 385.4 MB, however, once you start using it to create and save the paintings, this will start growing.

Does it support the Graphics Cards?

It uses OpenGL to enhance the process of creating paintings and graphics, however, as per the official resources, the recent NVIDIA, AMD/ATI and Intel Graphics cards can be used with Krita to get desired results.

How to increase Krita RAM?

To increase the amount of Memory used by the software. Go to Settings -> Click on the Performance menu-> select Memory increase or decrease option and set the amount of RAM as per your system.

Increase Krita Random access Memory

Can we use it on Chromebook?

No, Chromebook uses Chrome OS, and right now there is no official version of the Krita that supports it.


So, this was all about this painting software in few lines…

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  1. Thanks for providing this useful information.
    Krita has been one of my comfort painting programs for a while. It is quite intuitive and its interface is easy to assimilate.
    Krita has many brushes and drawing tools that many other software does not have out of the box.
    I recommend buying a drawing tablet like XP-Pen ( ). That’s the best way to use Krita. Even one of the cheaper XP-Pen Star models is perfect.


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