How to Install HomeBrew on Amazon Linux 2023

Installing Home Brew on Amazon Linuxn 2023

If you are looking for some packages available using the popular macOS package manager HomeBrew on Amazon Linux 2023 then here are the steps to follow. Although the default software repository of Al2023 is enough to get most of the open-source packages, still, if you …

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How to Install aws CLI on Amazon Linux 2023

Install aws CLI on Amazon Linux 2023

To manage AWS servers, Amazon Cloud offers a command-line interface tool called AWS CLI. It is an open-source program that helps users manage and automate various Amazon cloud servers directly from their system’s command-line shell. It is a cross-platform tool, hence apart from Linux, it …

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How to install PHP on Amazon Linux 2023 server

PHP info test page on Amazon linux 2023

Installing PHP on Amazon Linux 2023 doesn’t require adding any third-party repository, it is already available through the default system repository of AL2023. Well, PHP is quite important for developers and users who are deploying some web applications developed in this server-side scripting language. So, …

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How to Add a Group in Amazon Linux 2023

Add a Group in Amazon Linux 2023

Amazon Linux 2023 is the upgraded version of Amazon Linux 2 which is derived from Fedora. It is created specially by Amazon to run on its Cloud services which is EC2 platform. Nevertheless, the cloud image of AWS Linux 2023 is available to download if …

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How to install Laravel on Amazon Linux 2023?

Install Laravel PHP on Amazon linux 2023

Go through the tutorial steps for installing the popular PHP framework Laravel on Amazon Linux 2023 for developing your web applications using the AWS cloud environment. Amazon Linux is the official Linux server distribution provided by AWS on its cloud computing environments to use RPM-based …

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How To Install MongoDB on Amazon Linux 2023

MongoDB installation on Amazon Linux 2023

Learn the steps to install MongoDB version 7.0/6.0/5.0 or 4.4  on Amazon Linux 2023 using the YUM repository to receive future updates by running the system update command. Amazon Linux 2023 is the latest version of AWS Linux and a popular choice for users to …

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How to Install PHP-Zip Module on Amazon Linux 2023

PHP ZIP extension install amazon linux 2023

The PHP-Zip module or extension is required for PHP-based web applications that deal in ZIP archives and files within the app. If you’re working on a web project that involves the compression and decompression of files, you have to install the PHP-Zip module otherwise your …

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