What is the difference between OpenVZ and Docker?

difference between OpenVZ and Docker

In the modern world, where PC hardware is getting extremely powerful and advanced, we cannot bear the wastage of computing resources, therefore virtualization technology is the only solution to fully use their capabilities. So, to ensure the user will have the benefit of virtualization as …

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How to Tag existing Docker images

Tag existing Docker images

When it comes to orchestrating muli-container applications Docker’s Compose tool becomes handy. We can create a single configuration file to quickly deploy and scale multiple containers using it. Whereas, Tags allow you to track different versions of your application. This is essential for ensuring consistency …

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How to install Docker on Amazon Linux 2023

Installing Docker on Amazon Linux 2023

Installing Docker on Amazon Linux 2023 server system will allow users a seamless and efficient way to deploy and manage applications within isolated containers. Docker doesn’t need an introduction because it has already been used by hundreds of administrators for deploying multiple applications on single …

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2 Ways to start Docker Container automatically on Boot in Linux

Start Enable Docker Container Service

Containerization is not a new technology anymore, millions of apps using it and in this, Docker has played quite an essential role in providing a platform for managing and deploying Conatiner-based applications. Developers can use Docker to create custom application images with all dependencies required …

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