What is Sourcetree and Bitbucket?

whats is SourceTree and BitBucket min

In this article, we discuss quickly and understand what exactly is the difference between Sourcetree and Bitbucket. This helps beginners to start with these two Git tools. What is SourceTree? Sourcetree is a software to provide a graphical interfaced Git and Mercurial client to developers …

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How to install Git on AWS EC2 Amazon Linux 2

GIT install on AWS ec2 Amazon Linux 2

We can easily download Git from almost all Linux distributions using the integrated package manager. Here we will see how to install GIT on Amazon Linux running on AWS Ec2 Instance. Git is a freely available open-source system for distributed versioning. It is fast, scalable, …

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Gitea on docker- Installation of self-hosted Git service

Gitea on docker Installation

Create your own open-source GitHub alternative Gitea by installing on a Docker container and accessing it outside using the internet or locally. What is Gitea? Gitea is version management software, it is a fork of Gogs a resource-saving github.com clone. With any of these two …

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