Amazon missed WalMart’s 70% stake in Flipkart Indian e-commerce website

After months of negotiations, Indian e-commerce website Flipkart finally agreed to sell most of its shares.

According to Bloomberg, Flipkart will trade 70% of its stock to WalMart’s acquisition team for $15 billion. There is also a very eye-catching member of the team, which is Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Among them, as part of the transaction, Flipkart investor Softbank will sell more than 20% of its shares.

Amazon missed Wal-Mart’s 70% stake in Flipkart

According to reports, the final agreement will be signed within 10 days. In other words, there is a possibility of change before there is no “black and white”.

This so-called change comes from Amazon, the richest Bezos, whose quotes are said to be the same as WalMart’s , and about 12 billion US dollars in exchange for 60% of the shares. However, Flipkart’s largest shareholder Tiger Fund and Softbank have always favored Wal-Mart, and Amazon is still relatively sensitive as Flipkart’s main competitor in India.


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