iOS 12 is Much More Secure – Know why

The new iOS 12 upgrade that has been launched by Apple includes several features that have made it easier for the users of Apple devices to secure their accounts by setting strong passwords easily for every login.

Apple is implementing new tools for creating, storing and auto-filling the passwords in an effortless way on iOS devices. These new features will work on both third-party apps as well as Safari. You can enjoy the widespread availability of these features as many developers will not need to make significant changes in their apps to inculcate these new features.

iOS 12 is Much More Secure – Know why

You will no longer need to open an app and respond to a prompt to create a password in minutes which almost always leads to the creation of weak passwords. These new features have also eliminated the need for you to move out of an app to generate a secure password. These new tools will be offered right within the apps.

No matter where you create your passwords, they will be stored securely in your iCloud keychain, and all of the passwords on all the devices that you own will be easily accessible under a single roof. Moreover, now you will also be able to ask Siri for help while generating a secure password for an account. After you authenticate your identity, Siri will also efficiently provide access to your passwords stored in the iCloud keychain.

Whenever you do commit the mistake of creating a weak password, Apple will flag these passwords for you so that you can go right back to these websites and create a more robust password.

All of these features will work across all of your iOS devices, and now it will be easier than ever to secure your accounts efficiently.

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