Facebook Has Unveiled The Initial Lineup of News Programming

Last year, Facebook launched its very own video content initiative, watch. It has now unveiled the initial lineup of news programming that it plans to air in the section.

These shows are undoubtedly produced by outside media houses, however, behind the screens, it is Facebook which is funding them and providing them with the fuel to run. Facebook had recently promised its extensive user base that it would aim at prioritizing meaningful social interaction over publisher content. This feature is one step that this social media giant has taken in the right direction to fulfill the aspirations of the people.

With this feature, the content in the news feed of the users will see a decline. However, the rationale is that what will remain after this filtration will be meaningful and local. Thus, only relevant content will be enjoyed by the users, and the digital publishers will face a setback.

The news will include broadcast to the local and native news. Similarly, the faces in these videos will consist of those of your favorite news anchors as well as of some fresher’s. The formats will also vary from live breaking news coverage to daily news briefings and weekly summarisations. The additional shows will also be announced in the coming weeks. The publisher partners will have full editorial control of the shows and after much experimentation what best suits the needs of the diverse user base will be decided. By popular choice, the format for the airings will be finally fixed.

The shows include :

  1. A daily news show from ABC news
  2. A top-rated series from Alabama’s Advance Local, “Chasing Corruption” that features the interviews of imminent and fearless watchdog journalists.
  3. A weekly explainer program from ATTN
  4. A weekday news briefing that features Cooper and his guests and is aired by CNN, “Anderson Cooper Full Circle.”
  5. Daily updates from Fox News’ Shephard Smith and others.
  6. A twice-weekly show from Mic
  7. Univision’s “Real America with Jorge Ramos”. In this series, Ramos interestingly interviews immigrants from diverse backgrounds. Univision will also air a daily news roundup in Spanish.

The new feature is all set to be one of the most loved features by the vast Facebook community. At the same time, it will mostly do away with irrelevant content and make the experience on Facebook more fruitful.


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