How to install Jupyter Notebook in Windows 11 or 10 using CMD?

Install Jupyter on Windwos 10 or 11 via CMD min

Let’s use the command prompt or PowerShell on Windows 10 or 11 to install Jupyter Notebook Python IDE for creating documents to share our live code. Jupyter Notebook is quite easy to install with Anaconda because it comes by default with it. However, Anaconda is a complete python distribution that requires a good amount of … Read more

11 Best Free & Open source Video Editing Software for 2023

BEst Open soruce video editing software 2023

Video editing software is the most important in any film or video making that’s why all extreme professional video editing software is too much expensive for a person. But if you are an amateur video maker or just want a video editor that can give you some capabilities exactly like professional video editor Software; then … Read more

4 Ways to install Microsoft Azure CLI on Windows 11

Install Azrure CLI on Windows 11

Learn how to install Microsoft Azure CLI (Command Line) on Windows 11 to manage Cloud resources directly from your system. To manage Azure resources, Mircosoft has created an open-source cross-platform tool. We can install it on Windows, macOS, and Linux, hence it is cross-platform supported too. Azure CLI is written in Python and offers a … Read more

How to Install PHP Composer on Windows 11 or 10

Install Composer on Windows 11 or 10

Learn to install Composer on Windows 11 or 10, an open-source package manager for the PHP scripting language. This allows dependencies to be installed. Composer is an open-source package manager for the PHP scripting language. This allows dependencies to be installed. If we use different, ready-made PHP libraries in our project, our project depends on … Read more

Command to download and install Slack on Windows 11 or 10

Command line to install Slack on Widnowsn 11 or 10

Slack is a group collaboration tool designed for teams that work in different locations, although each company can benefit from its service. At its core, Slack is instant messaging software. In addition to direct messaging, Slack enables communication “channels” that can be organized by project, customer, team, or any other way your company deems appropriate … Read more

Download and install Maven on Windows 10 or 11 via command line

Command to install Apache Maven on Windows 10 or 11

Learn the steps in the guide to download and how to install Apache Maven on Windows 10 or 111 using PowerShell or a Command prompt.  Maven is based on a model-based, declarative approach to realizing the build process. Instead of implementing the individual build goals. With the “Apache Maven” tool, the building management of software … Read more

How to Download and install Hyper-V on Windows 11 Home

Download and install Hyper v manager on Windows 11 home edition

Windows 11 home edition is just like the previous Microsoft OS version and doesn’t come with Hyper-V Manager. Therefore, if you want to download and install Hyper-V on Windows 11 home then here is the step-by-step tutorial for it. Hyper-V is a virtualization solution from Microsoft to allow users to create Virtual machines for various … Read more

Install Apache Tomcat on Windows 10 using Command prompt

Apache Tomcat installation on Windows using Choco command

Apache Tomcat is a popular free and open-source web container and webserver to serve Java-based web apps or pages. Although it doesn’t have all functions of the Apache HTTP server but useful for Java web developers.  It is available to install on Windows, macOS, and Linux because its requirement is the JDK platform that is … Read more

2 ways to install ThunderBird mail client on Windows 10

Thunderbird best Open source Email client min

Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular open-source email client program with a wide range of features just like Outlook. The configuration of Thunderbird is easy and users can extend its capabilities and features further using the right extension on this open-source mail client. This makes it easily adapt more specifically to individual needs. The Mozilla Foundation … Read more

5 Best Windows package manager to use via command line

Appget Windows Package Manager

Linux package managers such as APT, YUM, DNF, and more, the common thing in all of them is the command line, so with the Windows Package Manager. The key benefit of using Windows Package Manager is we don’t need to go through various websites first to download the package and then install the same. Using … Read more

How to install Scoop Windows Package Manager

Install Scoop Command line Package Manager on Windows 10

Do you want a Linux like package Manager on Windows 10 or 7? Then use Scoop, to easily fetch and install various open-source software packages using just a command prompt on Windows. Scoop is an open-source tool that lets us quickly fetch various packages such as Python, Apache, MongoDB, MySQL, Nodejs, and more on Windows … Read more

Winget: Windows 10 Package Manager to install apps via command

Winget Windows 10 Package Manger to install various apps via command

Microsoft’s Windows 10 package manager Winget will allow users to install various applications using the command line like Linux systems. Here is the tutorial on how to use and install programs using Winget commands. What does Winget Windows 10 Package Manager do? Winget is a free and open-source package manager created by Microsoft for its … Read more

6 Top reasons to update software regularly and when you can postpone

Top reasons to update software regularly and when you can postpone min

When you are just about to start with tomorrow’s assignment you are suddenly greeted with a pop-up to update your software to continue. The situation becomes annoying when you just want to complete your assignment as fast as possible and take some rest or enjoy your free time. Depending upon the specific application that you … Read more