How to install Chocolatey on Windows 11 using PowerShell

install chocolatey on windows 11 pc

Learn the simple commands to install the Chocolatey package manager on Windows 11 using Terminal or PowerShell. One big reason behind the immense popularity of the Windows operating system is the abundance of applications across a broad range of genres. But as we all know there isn’t one place for all Windows apps, as it … Read more

How to install Apache Server on Windows using Chocolatey command line

Apache web server local host Windows 10

Do you want to install the Apache webserver on Windows 10 – 64 bit to test out various web pages? Then here is the tutorial which uses a single command to set up an HTTP server using Chocolatey. Apache Server is very popular on Linux OS, however, we can install it on Windows 10 or … Read more

How to install Chocolatey GUI, Synaptic like package manager on Windows

synaptic package manager download windows 10

Are you looking for Apt like a package manager for Windows then nothing good is more than Chocolatey? It is one of the best Package Managers available for Windows 10 to install all popular software and tools using a command-line interface. However, that doesn’t mean if you don’t like the command-line then you can’t use … Read more

How to install free Adobe Acrobat Reader using Chocolatey Choco

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC install WIndows 10 chocolatey

Do you want to download and install free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC latest version using Chocolatey on Windows 10 or 7? Then try the single Choco command to get it. The popular and all-time favorite app to read PDF file i.e Adobe reader is now available to download in 2020 with the name “Adobe Acrobat … Read more

How to install Tor browser on Windows using Choco Chocolatey

Install the Tor Browser using Choco command on windows

We already have done a couple of articles on installing various software using Windows package management called Chocolatey. It is a nifty program that can be installed and enable using PowerShell of Windows with just one command. After that, we can download and install various Windows software with a single command using command prompt or … Read more

How to install docker toolbox using Chocolatey Choco on Windows 10

Docker toolbox interactive shell on WIndows 10 home

Docker Toolbox is a simple executable software for Windows 10/8/7 platforms to easily setup Docker containers along with kinematic to quickly operate the installed Docker images. Here we will show how to set up and install Docker Toolbox on Windows using just a single Chocolatey Choco command. Well! If you don’t know about Docker then, … Read more

How to install Virtualbox on Windows 10 using Chocolatey Choco

Install VirtualBox on windows using Chocolatey Choco command

Here is the quick tutorial where you will know the commands of Chocolatey choco to install VirtualBox on Windows 10/8/7 using a Command prompt or Power shell including VirtualBox Extension Pack and Guest additions for Windows guest OS. If you have not heard the name of Chocolatey then you might be wondering, what is the … Read more

How to use Chocolatey choco to install chrome on Windows

choco install googlechrome

Choco is the command that uses in Chocolatey on Windows 10/8/7 platforms to install different software available as Chocolatey packages. Now what exactly Chocolatey is? If you have ever used Ubuntu or Centos or any other Linux OS, they all have their own package manager that we use to install the different applications via the … Read more

How to use Chocolatey Choco to install Git on Windows 10/8/7

Run Git bash app on Windows 10 administrator

As we all know Git is an open source and free distributed version control system which is easy to learn and lightweight. Here is the way to use Choco command to install Git to efficiently host and handle small to very large projects but at fast speed.  What is Git? Git is a version control … Read more

How to install Chocolatey package manager on Windows 10/8/7

How to install Chocolatey package manager on Windows 10

This article will show how to install programs and packages from the Command Prompt/Power shell on the Windows operating system using Chocolatey – The package manager for Windows The Linux distributions come with a package manager, which is a powerful tool for most power users to install, update and remove packages, directly from the command … Read more

How do you install FlutterFire CLI on Windows 11 or 10?

Install FlutterFire CLI on Windows 11 or 10

To integrate the Firebase services into Flutter applications, we have a command line tool called “FlutterFire CLI“; it is meant to make the integration process easy for developers. Developers can use the FLutter Fire CLI to quickly make available the various backend services of Firebase for their Flutter projects, such as authentication, cloud storage, and … Read more

How to Electronically sign documents for free using Adobe Reader for PC and mobile

eSign Documents for Free using Adobe Reader for PC and mobile

Time and again we come across situations when it is important to send a signed copy of some document sent through email or other electronic means. What we have to do then is print the document, sign it, scan the document, and hence send it again. While this is the easiest way, the steps involved … Read more

Install Apache, PHP & MYSQL on Windows 11 | 10 using CMD

Install Apache PHP MYSQL on Windows 11 10 using CMD min

In this tutorial, we learn the commands that we can use to install PHP, APACHE, and MYSQL on Windows 11 or 10 using the Command prompt or Powershell. Are you a Windows 11 or 10 user who wants to create and test a PHP website on a LAMP server but without using Linux OS, WSL, … Read more

How to install PHP on Windows 10 | 11 using Command prompt

PHP windows install and Info check version

We can download and install PHP using the executable file on Windows from its official website, however, no need to do that when we can use the command prompt or Powershell. PHP is not some new or unknown scripting language, it has been around and used by thousands of web developers across the globe. It … Read more